''Heroes WOD: McKenna & Glover'' (08.16.2012)

''Greater love hath no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends.''


Warm-up Drills (08.16.2012)
Speed Rope x 3:00
-Dynamic Mobility Complex (20ft per)
-5 to 8 Minute of Individual Mobility Work
-Movement Technique/ROM Review

''Heroes WOD: McKenna & Glover'' (08.16.2012)
5 Rounds for time of
10 x Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
50 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
50 x Double-unders
8 x Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
40 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
40 x Double-unders
6 x Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
30 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
30 x Double-unders
4 x Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
20 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
20 x Double-unders
2 x Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
10 x Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
10 x Double-unders

Notes: Remember their sacrifice... One died trying to save the other.

Skill Development (08.16.2012)
Rest for tomorrow...

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (08.16.2012)


lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

McKenna & Glover


Derek said...

Is it 5 rounds all the way through?

Anonymous said...

McKenna and Glover
23:10 with #230/DU/45

-Mike A.

Peter said...

McKenna & Glover (modified)
4xSU and 25# plate for Lunges