A CFNH Ally Claims Victory & WODs for CFHQ/CFE (02.21.2009)

CFHQ WOD "Joshie" (02.21.2009)
-One-arm Dumbbell Snatches are executed to Squat Snatch standards 
-L-pull-ups need to maintain a 90 degree angle in the hip crease to count for a rep.
Complete three rounds for time of
21 x 40 pound Dumbbell snatch (right arm)
21 x L Pull-ups
21 x 40 pound Dumbbell snatch (left arm)
21 x L Pull-ups
In honor of Army Staff Sergeant Joshua Whitaker, 23, of Long Beach, CA who was killed in Afghanistan May 15th, 2007.

CrossFit Endurance WOD 
16(:10 max effort work x :20 rest)
CFE Advises 3+ Hours Before (or after) CrossFit Main Site
Choose ONE of the Following Sports:
Swim, Bike, Run, or C2 Rower

10:20 x 16
10 seconds on 20 seconds off for 16 rounds:
All out efforts! Terrain or incline is your choice.

Our Buddy Joe Venuti Opens CrossFit Mass. He's the nutcase building our new plyo-boxes...

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kevin said...

Hey its Kevin again... not a bad workout i love snatches, but L Pull ups sux... but Like I said before I will be trying this new workout with met cons/ crossfit wod and stil training for my triathlons.. I will post my result every week on Sunday... I am sure no one is really that interested but just like to keep in touch with different crossfits around the region.. Possibly will be up next weekend