The Journey Continues... (02.22.2009)

Below are two pictures we snapped of Taco and Chalupa during a hard and brutal training session designed to develop two new skills for them. The barbell snatch work was involved because they were simply ready for it based on their level of proficiency with the fundamentals (and it didn't make sense for me to throw something like one arm snatches at them if they still only think that is a vulgar word). The guys also spent some quality time hanging from a Pull-up bar performing a little complex to develop the L-sit pull-ups (1 x L-sit Pull-up/ 1 x Shins to Bar/ 1 x L-sit Pull-up/ 1 x Shins to Bar = 1 rep). No time component because both movements were nice and spankin' new.

CFHQ WOD (02.22.2009) Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Make sure you freaks are keeping logbooks, training will severely lose its potency if you fail to do so... especially on days formatted like the above WOD.
Loads for Chalupa w65-95-115-135-155-175* 

CrossFit Endurance: Rest Day
I can hear the collective sigh of relief out there

Here's a peek at a typical early AM scene from CrossFit New Hampshire. We always dry run the WODs for our athletes so that any logistical issues that would arise from running the workout present themselves... plus it trashes us physically and who doesn't love that? 
I also toss up tons of pictures that show ridiculous faces and funny poses for everyone else so why not join the party so everyone can poop on me too? 
(P.S. No more arrow boards, Taco)

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