''Max Effort Pull-ups, Overhead and Gassed'' (01.13.2010)

Warm-up Drills (01.12.2010)
800m Run
12 x Medicine Ball Cleans (20lbs)
12 x Thrusters (45lbs)
Hip Mobility Complex
Shoulder Dislocates (PVC)

''Max Effort Pull-ups'' (01.13.2010)
Weighted Pull-ups 3-1-1-1

Notes: If you are still using bands for assistance substitute 3 Rounds for Max Reps of Deadhang Pull-ups with 1 minute of rest (minimum) between efforts.

Post loads/reps to comments.

''Overhead and Gassed'' (01.13.2010)
5 rounds for time of:
3 x Shoulder Press
4 x Push Presses
5 x Push Jerks
200m Row

Notes: Use 70-75% of your previous Shoulder Press single rep max to determine load used for all three overhead movements.
(Example: Strict Press 1RM 155 x .75 = Load used for Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk.)

Post times and loads used to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (01.13.2010)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
6 Rounds of (1:20 max effort x :60 rest)

Post distances to comments.


Anonymous said...



k said...

12:02 at 115lbs

Kristina said...

10:30 @ 55lbs

Andrew said...

13:31 at 95lbs

Anonymous said...

Looking closely at todays picture, it looks as though someone is drinking out of my pink Norwich water bottle that I leave in the girl's locker room. I could be mistaken, but if I am not....gross. Please don't do that.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Katie, that's Brad's wife's water bottle, and you can bet he was made perfectly aware he was drinking out of a pink Nalgene with a pink cap. So don't worry your little heart.
On the flip side when it's really busy in the gym and I don't have time to make it for a number 1 bathroom break I use your bottle as a plan B approach. No worries though I always rinse it out by having CrossFitters ring their sweat soaked hair into it and then dumping the mixture out.

Big Ben said...


10:39 at 115lbs

MelissaG said...

8:42 @65#

Anonymous said...

8:29 65 lbs


Anonymous said...

14:55 35 lbs

G I Jane

Anonymous said...

25/30/32/35 Max weight p/u
9:05 @ 55

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

January is turning out much like Dec at work. I am working long hours and have not had success making it to crossfit. I think of you everyday though and will be in hit or miss this month. Feb proves to be looking better so I can get back to my daily routine. Staci and Dan I want to see that ultrasound


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

What? Ultrasound? Is someone Preggo?

Anonymous said...

Max Weight Pullups 3-1-1-1

Overhead & Gassed
11:14 @ 95#

Anonymous said...

Overhead & Gassed
13:03 @ 65#


Walter said...

UNASSISTED 4-3-3 !!!

Overhead & Gassed
10:16 - 70#

Anonymous said...