''CrossFit Games Qualifier WOD: Week 6'' (04.30.2011)

''CrossFit Games Qualifier WOD: Week 6'' (04.30.2011)

*CFNH will be open from 9-11am.

''You would fain be victor ...
Yes, but weigh the conditions,
weigh the consequences;
then and then only lay to your hand if it be for your profit.
You must live by rule,
submit to diet,
abstain from dainty meats,
exercise your body perforce at stated hours, in heat or in cold;
drink no cold water, nor, it may be, wine.
In a word, you must surrender yourself wholly...''
--Epictetus,(c.A.D. 50-c.A.D. 138)


Joshua said...

Crossfit Games Qualifier WOD, Week 6
3/6/9/12 +1 Thruster: 61

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Wrong Day, Josh, but I applaud you actually trying to post your scores.

After the mayhem of the Saturday slay-fest I cut my teeth on a Hero WOD all our freaks are going to slug through in the near future. Nope, definitely not going reveal the surprise here... but I will report a 26:16 (Gasmask) to give everyone a hint. Hints are fun. See everyone Monday.

Anonymous said...

What's Epictetus's beef with cold water?