Open Gym (10.08.2011)

CrossFit New Hampshire will be open from 9-11am today.
Any of our athletes are welcome to come in today if they would like to make up any missed WODs from this past week or to get some additional work in towards developing the various different CrossFit skill sets we draw on in our training program.

Marcus Competes in the Beast of the East Today and Tomorrow!
Check out the link to the right with the Minotaur: The Beast of the East is going to be one hell of a CrossFit formatted fitness battle this weekend and some of us are on our way down right now to support one of our own crew as he commences his first big time competitive event.
Marcus has had this event in his sights for months and has remained relentlessly focused on driving himself towards that next level of elite fitness, it's been a privilege for us to see the inspiring gains he's made over the last few months of rigorous daily training.
Hit up our Facebook page and support one of your own, we will update as often as possible with any news from the trenches over the course of the weekend.



Anonymous said...

Good luck Marcus... Slay it!

Mike M said...

Your going to kick ass Marcus, good luck!

Anne said...

Show 'em how we do it in NH!!!! Good lock Marcus!!!

Silverback said...

Your strength is OUR strength...Go Get 'em Marcus!

Anonymous said...

The 5:00 am group is very proud of you.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Marcus did VERY well. I'd spill more details but it will be worth the wait once this weeks homework essay gets turned in and posted as an article on the site. Yessssssssssssssssss.