''It's an old story'' (04.04.2012)

''The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize we ought to control ourselves.''
--Charles Darwin ‘The Descent of Man’
Jennifer Boniva (ninja) will be running the Boston Marathon to raise mad loot for the 'Great Kids Boston Marathon Team'. Click the link below to read up on the charity as well as make a donation if you feel like supporting one of our comrades as she slugs through 26.2 glorious miles. YESSSSS.

Jen's Going The Distance...2012 Running For Great Kids Boston Marathon Team

Warm-up Drills (04.04.2012)
Run 800m
15 x Burpee Jumping Pull-ups
15 x Abwheel Roll-outs
15 x Deadlift (45lbs)
-Sumo Squats
-Scorpion Stretch
-Inch Worms
-Shoulder Opening Drill (wall)

''It's an old story'' (04.04.2012)
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible during each 4:00 AMRAP. 
There is a 1:00 Rest interval to transition between efforts.
4:00 AMRAP of

5 x Thrusters (95/65lbs)
10 x Knees-2-Elbows
4:00 AMRAP of
5 x Power Snatch (95/65lbs) x 5
10 x Clapping Push-ups
4:00 AMRAP of
5 x Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
10 x GHD Sit-ups
4:00 AMRAP of
5 x Overhead Squat (95lbs)
15 x KB Swings (32/24kg)

4:00 AMRAP of
25ft Prowler Sled Push (140/95lbs)
10 x Slambal (40/20lbs)

Post rounds/reps completed each of the five 4:00 work intervals.

Burpee Challenge (Optional)
85 x Burpees

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (04.04.2012)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
Swim: SC:12min, LC:15min, U:35min
Bike: SC-LC 60min, U:80min
Run: SC:20min, LC:30min, U:60min
C2: 25min

Post distances to comments.


Morgan said...

The only number I remember is "4ish"

Going to Flo-Rida BITCHES!



Anonymous said...

''It's an old story''

4+5/ 3/ 4+4/ 3+5/ 3+1


Anonymous said...

It's an old story


65# for everything except the snatch because I hate them :)


Michelle said...


Rxd !!! Loved it!!!

Peter said...

It's An Old Story

3 + 5/8
2 + 5
1 + 5
85# 'cept OH Squats 50#: 24kg KB.

Traps said...



Joshua said...

It's An Old Story
4:00 AMRAP of
5x Thrusters 95#
10x K-2-E
3 Rounds+5/0

4:00 AMRAP of
5x Power Snatch 95#
10x Clapping Pushups
3 Rounds

4:00 AMRAP of
5x SDHP 95#
10x Hollowrocks
4 Rounds+ 1/0

4:00 AMRAP of
5x Overhead Squats 95#
15x KB Swings 70#
2 Rounds

4:00 AMRAP of
Row 250 meters
10x GHD Situps
2 Rounds

Dutch said...

It's An Old Story
Mike V.

Boves said...

It's an Old Story
AMRAP #1 35lb DB thruster
3R + 1

AMRAP #2 65lb & CF Standard Push Up
2R + 5 + 6

AMRAP #3 16kg kb & abmat
5R + 1

AMRAP #4 65lb Scaled Back Squat & 16kg kb


Anonymous said...

looking for WOD of the day...not available here In the big easy...must head to the French Quarter with the other form of freaks.

Crossfit Barn 2.0 said...

Please don't make me have to turn to HQ for programming...