This little gem is a staple workout that the use on the Main Crossfit Website quite a bit. This is for the fighters that I trained the other night or anyone who feels they have an athletic background. Workouts I post are always intended for people I have had the chance to talk to, watch train, and gain an understanding of safety points and guidelines.

We never want to have someone hurt themselves due to something that could have easily been prevented.

Remember, safety is paramount and our first priority, then comes a drive to excel with near perfect technique, once we learn to watch for those first two we can start slinging brains all over the walls with intensity.

Your warm-up of choice for a minimum of 10:00 (basketball, jog, speedrope, heavybag, etc.)

Cindy: complete as many rounds in 20:00 of
5 pull-ups
10 push-up
15 squats

rest 2:00 before moving to the next part but make sure you keep moving! no leaning over, sitting, or laying to catch your breath. If I was fighting you for your life and you wanted to lay down and recover I would gladly get to work taking out some of your organs.

Run 400m/600m/800m/600m/400m/done (Classic CFE.com pain fest wod)
inbetween each sprint rest the time it took you to do the run. Example, run 400m in 1:55, rest 1:55 then proceed to your 600m sprint.

Post your score for cindy (number of rounds), and the time it took for each sprint, as well as how you warmedup in the comment section.
Soon an overall leader board will get posted up here and at the gym.

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