The Time Has Come

I know I haven't been posting as much as I should but it was worth taking a quick break from the blog, the reasons are listed below. Oh, and it does say "Doom" above the chaplain placard FYI.

Reason 1: Melissa has been a tremendous help with adjusting this damn layout for ease of use.

Reason 2: So many people are coming out of the woodwork for this I can barely keep up answering questions (about both the mma/training facility and my dirty little garage gym) but I am definitely not complaining in any way.

Tonight: First MMA open house class is tonight at 6. I will be there at 5 to meet David Sailor and help him scout out what we can do for his soccer team's training. There is A LOT of buzz going on right now, check out some of the questions and answers coming up in the NH forum posting area of the Crossfit main site. Most of the current topic content is near the end.


Garage Gym Info:
If there continues to be demand for the garage gym to be available in the morning then I will set up some hours people can work with and they are more than welcome to use the shower I've got here. Based on the number of requests I have gotten so far I think people might have to bring their own towels, I don't think I have that many actually. I do keep a very clean professional place here and my office is open to anyone that wants to get in there and grab some information, I have tried to make it as easy to follow from charts etc. as possible. Check the pics to give you an idea of the office.

The biggest obstacle with the garage gym is getting the floor fixed, leveled, and then putting down some tires and putting the platform on them. It is more than capable of being used now, here is the gear I've got so far.

100lb heavy bag (few types of gloves)
50lb heavy bag(not hung) for tossing around and beating on the ground
25lb slammer
1-pood kettlebell
Sand filled weights set up for 95lbs-125lbs on a matching barbell (excellent tool for snatch dev.)
Olympic barbell
Rubber coated plates (not bumpers but you can slam the bar because I don't care)
Two dumbbell handles that hold the sand size weights (we can make it 55lbs for stuff like "Helen")
Mir weighted vest with up to 30lbs
Flak jacked with sand pouches and 5.56 magazines for weight up to 50 lbs
Weight belt for weighted pull ups
Box made for box jumps (thanks Todd)
Various Rucks and Backpacks for load bearing runs or hikes
Small speakers for music
and some more odds and ends in progress, I'm always looking for new stuff to McGuiver into training tools.

Current other gear I am building now:
Milk crate and Skis used for sled drags on pavement (toss some rocks in there)
Slosh pipe
Sea bag with sand
Water filled Keg
Much more hellish stuff

I refuse to spend money so today I am going to find a way to make a solid pull up bar to hang opposite the heavy bag from the main beam. I used two nylon straps cinched around my hands and then looped over the beam but I know you guys will want something much more solid so standby.
Also have a bunch of poncho liners so I am putting those on the walls to insulate and muffle sound, I actually have almost enough to do every inch of wall minus the one window so that will be nice for us.
Got a space heater on the way too, and there is an outlet with surge protector so anything you want to charge or use is good to go. There are some awesome hills here for the run parts of wods or Crossfit Endurance training as well and I can show you on Mapmyrun.com the best spots (with the info conversions for average elevation gain in feet converted to incline over distance on treadmills so you can go back and forth from here to the gym and break PR's accurately).

Ok, gotta get working. Let me know how I can make any and everything I am talking about better.

I know it isn't at the forefront now but soon there will be subsections on the page for training groups to go find daily wods and instructions for scaling. I trained Derek last night and he had nothing but positive feedback about how the skillwork is part of a warm-up and the actual training (and he was cynical as hell going in), so he is now looking forward to becoming a force to reckon with for peakbagging in the White Mountains.


BamBam said...

I have a good McGuiver training too.

Find a plastic barrel an half fill it with water and use it for clean and jerk.

By the way I’m eating Wendy’s right now before I go train with you.
(I will poison your followers with my nutrition habits)

BamBam said...

wow. my typing was bad.

That should have said "McGuiver training tool" an it should be a complete barrel filled half way with water... I had French fry grease on my fingers.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Look up in the post, the water filled keg is the same thing but looks cooler, and the sloshpipe is badass...we will have them soon. Nutrition for everyone right now is to eat to survive, no less my child.

Grinster said...

The garage gym sounds badass. We'll have to come up this weekend and test it out if you have time for a workout or two. You'll have to let me or Ash know and we can see what will work. Sounds like things are coming together.