"The Bear Complex" (04.28.2009)

Jared: The Stable and all it's Savages will miss the hell out of you and your terrible trance play lists. Stay safe and keep us posted so we can get you some gear over there once you get your boots on the ground. It's been a privilege watching you excel from day one through your last Deadlift WOD (with pull a PR of 385 lbs) keep hitting it hard... 
by the time you get back you'll have more than just a "Stable" to train in and everyone will go "Socks Up" to welcome home.

"Bear Complex" WOD (04.28.2009)
Performing the sequence in order is considered a single rep of the "Bear Complex".  Perform 7 reps of the Bear Complex in a row without letting the bar touch the floor (except on Power Cleans to reset).  There are 5 total rounds in this WOD and you may take as long to rest as you wish between attempts.  Watch the video linked below to see what counts as a "failure".
Today there will be a charge of 5 burpees per failure during the WOD, the total number of burpees will be tacked onto the last round and must be started as soon as round #5 has been completed.  Make sure and finish all 5 Rounds, regardless of how many burpees you are being taxed.  Adjust weight up or down just like a normal MEBB day.  Rest smart and go heavy.

The Sequence:
1 x Power Clean
1 x Front Squat
1 x Push Press
1 x Back Squat
1 x Push Press

This WOD is a mutation of the Max Effort Black Box style days we see come up once in a while.
I am linking a video below that shows the WOD being executed so you have a grasp of what your objectives are if this is new to you.  We've had a few of our veteran Savages try this out awhile ago and it was a slayer.  Looking forward to keeping this new format going for you guys, make sure you do your best to post scores (loads in lbs) and notes on how the WOD went,etc. Treat this like Mike treats his locket-diary of training.
Link 1: "Bear Complex Video"
The next link is for those that don't have barbells and want to try out Mike Rutherford's cruel Bear Complex ideas with dumbbells.


Mike Molloy said...

No way I could handle the bear today after the last two days so I stuck with the main site and did some Presses

Maxed out at an easy 140... but still couldn't drive 145 up but I'm getting close...

JoeG said...
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