"Big Brother Fitness Is Watching You"

"Choose Wisely" WOD I (04.27.2009)
Complete 5 Rounds for time of
21 x SDHP's (95lbs)
21 x Ring Dips

"Choose Wisely" WOD II(04.27.2009)
Complete Three Rounds of 15-12-9 reps for time with
DB 1-arm Snatch
DB 1-arm Snatch
Chest to bar Pull-ups

"Choose Wisely" WOD III (04.27.2009)
Complete 5 Round for time of
DB Deadlift x 5
DB Hang Clean x 5
DB Push Press x 5
DB Plank Row x 5

After you make your selection you should go outside and pick a spot, just remember to warm-up and prime yourself for performance.  Get creative with your gear if you have to, sometimes that makes for a truly awesome training WOD.  
You are free to pick any WOD you want from the three above, whatever you select is what you are going to hit hard on Monday. 
Post your scores when completed and any notes you can think of.  I will show everyone how to use the website as a virtual log this week, first we really need everyone to get used to using the comments.  We will see how everyone does.

CrossFit: A Modern Heretic
CrossFit continues to set the performance standard when it comes to advancing the human organism across all realms of fitness capacity.  We have athletes making daily strides in elite human performance, the methods eliciting such gains were painstakingly sifted through with time, effort, and attention to the correlatives we judge fitness on at times.  CrossFit is potent, that much is for sure.  CrossFit makes you Fit.  CrossFit is hard as hell and it can kill you...but if you do it the right way, the smart way, you might be on track to one day realize the very limit of your genetics.  It's hard to fathom.
Coach and his family/staff are relentless in their pursuit to discover the underlying catalysts of all this observed metabolic and phsyiological success CrossFitters are having.  The mainstream fitness industry is where the problem lies, they like to bicker about the validity of scores and times.  They will argue that we have no definitive measure of fitness in the first place...  I'm not going to even go any further for right now, just think about that last sentence for a day and tell me what you think when I see you this week, don't forget... Big Brother is Watching Your Workout.

I missed updating the site but we had very little free time to do anything while I was in Texas for the CrossFit Science of Exercise Certification.  I really want to express how amazing these lectures and discussions were, we didn't even know Coach Glassman and Coach Rippetoe would be there until they wandered in on Saturday.  The line-up of Intellectual Deviants was awe inspiring, these are the CrossFit Celebrities we read and watch videos of.  Everyone I consider a role model in their representative field came in to teach us.  I have never experienced an environment as conducive to the rapid acquisition and assimilation of new concepts as this, every topic of study was something I felt like I could really sink my little fangs into. The atmosphere ended up being a very open forum where our Instructors teach while holding a continual dialogue with the CrossFitters.  This instant new knowledge paired with it's application was a noticeable factor in learning difficulty.  Before I get too carried away I need to post this up, you will get more material once my notes are typed up.

Notes: Thank you to all the CrossFitters that I met, it was nice to see some old friends as well. Meeting Coach Glassman and the rest of the Professors was an honor, it's amazing what kind of knowledge you can pick up just from being around these guys.


RaJ said...

Can we substitute ring dips with push up or normal dips?

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Yup get creative with it how you think is best and post in comments. I'm interested to see how everyone does...rememeber technique first, consistency, then intensity. See you later bro, comin home now!

JoeG said...

oh, what fun!


Mike Molloy said...

Second time writing this... lost it the first time for some reason...


5 rounds
21 SDHP (95#)
21 Ring Dips (bicep to ring on ALL reps)

time 13:44

Keep the posts coming Samy!

Jennifer said...


5 rounds
21 SDHP (65#)
21 jumping ring dips

time 19:55

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder- the garage is closed for today (monday)bacause Samy is away. We are not covered by our insurance plan if he is not there. Plan on thrashing yourselves at the regular place and time tomorrow!


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Figured I could take a break from barking at children in the airport terminal to see how everyone was doing, got a long wait but I don't mind as long as the children keep weeping.

I'll be back tonight at midnight so it will be back to chaos as usual tomorrow. Big day for us, we are going to get the keys to the new place and sign the lease in the afternoon... looks like we might be able to open doors for the 15th and you know we will try.

I was pleasantly surprised when you guys starting posting scores, the format from now on will be kind of like the mainsite. I will post the following days WOD and hopefully everyone will just post scores. I like solid logs, and also the ability to showcase your performances but we are so busy it's become very stressful to handle. I want to maintain daily posts with at least some new content/resources and if everyone comes through and posts in comments like a logbook it will be sweet. You can also do a search of the blog to immediately pull up all "squat" wods, or "viking fran" performances.

I'm excited to see what happens with this new place and now that we are figuring out how to steamline the website it gets me frothing at the mouth to go full tilt where I want: Developing our athletes and providing them with this little community online and resources to continually educated themselves.

Nice scores you freaks, the cert was amazing and I have some awesome resources to pass along. Should be cool to see creative spins on the WOD as well...

Joe Petrusky said...

Captain Barbell is Watching!!!

JoeG said...

Warmup: run 1/2 mile (800 meters) -> 5:02

"Choose Wisely" WOD III (04.27.2009) [homework]
Complete 5 Round for time of
DB Deadlift x 5 @ 70 lbs x 2
DB Hang Clean x 5 @ 35 lbs x 2
DB Push Press x 5 @ 35 lbs x 2
DB Plank Row x 5 @ 35 lbs x 2


oof. nice metcon on a cool evening.


RaJ said...

7 rounds for time
10 Dips

Time- 9:40