Rest Day (04.29.2009)

Soak up your Rest Day, little Savages, you earned it.
Now that we are on a nice little posting schedule around here (thanks to everyone for the help in posting scores) I can get back into the habit of providing articles and resources on Rest Days. There is some truly fascinating science and theory behind all the things we do in our efforts to attain the next level of elite human performance. Below is an article by Dr. Thomas C. Neylan on the topic of "General Adaptation Syndrome" and the man behind it's original inception: Hans Selye. Hans Selye's actual experiment with rats starts in the second column, and that should be some truly thought provoking content. I hope everyone likes the article as it should provide some insight into why we use intensity and then recovery to repeatedly reap exponential rates of improvement in performance. 
Post your thoughts, questions, or requests for further resources in the comments section.

Hans Selye & General Adaptation Syndrome

It feels great to be back in the Stable, I definitely missed the daily metabolic slug-fest our athlete's endure.  The extra days of rest over the weekend were perfectly timed, everyone came back and attacked the SDHP x Ring Dip met con at a new level of intensity.
I hope you all enjoy reading the Adaptation article while blowing off your day jobs, get that Rest and be ready for whatever hell is lurking ahead...


JoeG said...

when are we doing the bear? huh huh huh?


Anonymous said...

That was a great workout yesterday!!
10 SDHP 95lbs
10 Box dips

7 Rounds for time

10:20(I think, someone will correct me if I am wrong)

I was impressed by the fact that I had never SDHP that much weight, and the first couple of rounds went pretty well...Thanks for the great coaching as usual!!!!

Kent AKA Brian AKA K$

Anonymous said...

5 Rounds For Time
21 Sumo Dead High Pull -95 lbs
21 Ring Dips
Jefe` 9:36

Scaled WOD
7 Rounds For Time
10 Sumo Dead hi Pull -75 lbs
10 Plyo Box Dips
Katie 10:39

-Jefe` & Katie

JoeG said...

moved my post up:

2000 meter row, 8:21 - reasonable pace. time to bring that up to speed

Fundamentals warmups, esp medicine balls cleans, and SHDPs without weight then at 65 lbs

7 rounds for time:
o 10 SDHPs at 95 lbs
o 10 Box dips full range



Fogle said...

We have been on lock down for 3 days due to flu and im losing my mind. Im getting "elizabeth" done tomorrow I dont care if I have to clean a 135lb E-3 tomorrow and conduct my dips between two boat hulls!

I miss 200 square feet of madness already.


Anonymous said...

5 Rounds for time:
21 SDHP 95#
21 Ring Dips


Anonymous said...

Above was Mike. Samy, you gotta get me set up with one of these accounts

Anonymous said...

Scaled WOD for Jill
10 SDHP 75#
10 Box Dips

Mike said...

Ok I figured out the whole follow the post thing, just looking for a suitable picture. I'm a little hesitant to give this job to Samy.