Rest Day (09.13.2009)

Rest Day (09.13.2009)

CrossFit Endurance WOD (09.13.2009)
''Hill Climb Time Trial''
Swim: 500m, add a t-shirt, parachute or Boots & Utes for drag
Bike: 2 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-15%
Run: 1 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-15%
C2: 2000m, Damper setting between 8-10

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Stable News:
Congratulations to Jake for crushing his first Army PST and then hitting up the ''Broomstick Mile'' as his cool down.

Bottom Image: Yes, those are loafers Dang! is wearing... looks like Fogle has some competition in the ''most ridiculous CrossFitting foot apparel'' category.

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Anonymous said...

It's tough to get my act together in the morning, especially after a WOD. Just trying to raise the level of ridiculousness at the Stable.