Max Effort Overhead Complex, Tabata Row (09.30.2009)

Warm-up Drills (09.30.2009)
Run 800m
9 Fundamentals x 5 each
Samson Stretch

Max Effort Overhead Complex, Tabata Row (09.30.2009)
Shoulder press 1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

''Tabata Row'' (09.30.2009)
Row 8 Rounds for max distance of :20 x :10 rest

Post total distance to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (09.30.2009)


Khan said...

Overhead Complex

Press 95/115/125
Push Press 135/145F/145
Push Jerk 155F/155F/145F

Tabata Row 764m


Overhead Complex

Press 65/75/80F
Push Press 80/85/95
Push Jerk 85/95F/95

Tabata Row 684m


Anonymous said...

"Endurance"-10x50yds intervals every 60sec
total-450sec/10rounds=45sec per round

Anonymous said...

Samy! I am alive and I'll be in tomorrow morning. See you then man.

Anonymous said...

Overhead complex
push 65/75/85f
push press 65/75/85f
push Jerk 65/75/85f

Tabita Row 657m

Anonymous said...

PUSH 55/65/70F
PUSH PRESS 55/65/70
PUSH JERK 65/70f/70

TABITA ROW it was either 587 or 687


I will be a little late tomorrow but I will be there at some point to face whatever it is you have in store for us even though it scares me. OH WAIT everything scares me :)

Anonymous said...

Press: 135/145/155
Push Press: 135/145/165
Push Jerk: 155/165/175

804 meters


Nick said...

Press: 145/155/165F
Push Press: 155/165/185
Push Jerk: 185/195/205F

Row: 843 meters


Anonymous said...

Press- 115/125/135
Push Press- 135/145/155
Push Jerk- 135/145/155


Anonymous said...

Press 65F/45/45
Push Press 65F/45/45
Push Jerk 45/45/45

Row: 734m


Anonymous said...

"Overhead complex"-completed Thursday 10/01/09
push press(3reps)-100/105/110
push jerk(5reps)-105/110/115(4reps)

Anonymous said...

Overhead Complex -
Press 100/110/115f
Push Press 115/125/130f
Push Jerk 120/120f/120f

Tabata Row - 688m

Bada Bing

katie said...

Overhead Complex -
Press X 1 (65 70 75f)
Push Press X 3 (75 85 90)
Push Jerk X 5 (85 90f 90f)

Anonymous said...

OH Complex
Press: 135/145F/140F
PP: 140/150/155F
PJ: 115/135/140

Tabata Row: 804m