''M.E. Press & Stag Party'' (06.13.2011)

Paleo Performance Nutrition Challenge Participants:
When you come into the gym this week you'll be able to spy a glimpse of the epic choices available for our athletes to undertake for their performance metrics final test. The choices for you to re-test will be yours and yours alone. You'll be picking 3-5 tasks out of 10 pairs, each pair representing mutually exclusive fitness domains.
Additionally this week everyone needs to be pinched, taped, weighed and measured for their body metrics before Friday (after pics for those that want them can be taken as well). We are currently working feverishly to finish up the food log grading.
Please also remember to submit your votes (to sdaghir@gmail.com) for the peer you feel has made the best gains, worked the hardest, or remained the most disciplined over the course of the challenge.
Glory will be bountiful for the two crowned victors, but we can't emphasize enough how amazing it has been for us to witness the profound changes among our entire crew of athletes; Performance Gains, Physical Appearance, Overall Health, Body Composition, Body Weight, Mental Disposition... It's just unreal to see so many showing this level of dedication.
We couldn't be happier or prouder of the work that everyone has put in.
Keep killing it freaks, more to come.

Warm-up Drills (06.13.2011)
Run 800m
''Burgener Drill'' (3Rnds/PVC)
2 Rounds of
6 x Deadhang Pull-ups
8 x Hindu Push-ups
10 x Air Squats
12 x GHD Sit-ups
-Sumo Squats
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Scorpion Stretch
-Shoulder Opening Drill (band)

''M.E. Press'' (06.13.2011)
Warm-up with the percentage based sets/reps listed below (using your most recent 1-Rep maximum data to determine loads) before working up to a heavy single or new 1RM personal record.

5 x 40% (warm-up)
5 x 50% (warm-up)
3 x 60% (warm-up)

Press 1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Notes:1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

''Stag Party'' (06.13.2011)
3 Rounds for time of
Row 35kcal
7 x Squat Cleans (135/95lbs)
10 x Handstand Push-ups

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (06.13.2011)


thammond18 said...

Push Press...155 (10lb pr)
Stag Party...14:59 rx


Josh Lev said...

1rm push press- 125lb
Stag party- 15:08 rx

Mtn Rob said...

Press- 140lbs

Stag Party- 17:17 115lbs

Anonymous said...

Done at friends home gym.
140lbs -20lb PR
Stag Party 14:48
130lb, 1 10lb Plate
-Nick F

Anonymous said...

M.E. Press: 65#
"Stag Party"
50# squat clean
HSPU w/bands

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Press 1-1-1-1-1

Stag Party


Peter said...

M.E. Press
85-95-100-105-110 (F) = 105

Stag Party 95#/30# DB Press for HSPU's

Mint said...

Push Press 145 lb

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Mint means strict press.

And there's going to be some hurtin mother f_$%!ers tomorrow who haven't posted. Burpee tax is reinstated...

I've asked nicely, now everyone pays with pain.

Anne said...

ME. press- 75 lbs

Stag Party 75lbs and 2 ab mats for HSPU