''Heavy Snatch Balance Triples & The Huelsman Huck'' (07.30.2011)

CrossFit New Hampshire will be open Saturday from 9-11am.

If you missed any heavy maximum effort lifts the past two weeks this would be an ideal time to make them up.

''Heavy Snatch Balance Triples'' (07.30.2011)
Work through 8 sets, each for three reps, focusing on clean execution of each rep and technique. Max Effort Snatch Balances are on the horizon, take advantage of this heavy training day.

Snatch Balance 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3

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''The Huelsman Huck'' (07.30.2011)
Complete two hundred meters for time by throwing a 40lb slamball over your head as far as you can and running to where it stops. The ''Huelsman Huck'' as we affectionately call it must be started like a kettlebell swing, following through the athlete will simply launch the ball as far as they can.

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Anonymous said...

AMRAP 15:00
Swim 25
10 situps
15 air squat

8 rds and a belly full of h20

Michelle said...

Max bench 100#
Fri night fight 82/78/82