''Land-Fall &TLSXd'' (02.14.2012)

Warm-up Drills (02.14.2012)
Run 800m
2 Rounds for quality of
5 x Push-ups
5 x (Deadang) Chin-ups
10 x Right/Left Alt. Turkish Get-upw (DB's)
-Shoulder Mobility x 2
-Sumo Squats
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Calf/Soleus Stretch

''Land-Fall'' (02.14.2012)
Complete 3 Rounds, each individually for time/quality of
Row 250m
10 x Handstand Push-ups
Row 500m
20 x Ring Dips
Row 250m
30 x CFGS Push-ups
**Rest Exactly 2:00 before repeating at maximal effort.

Notes: Yes, the Gasmask would be a fine companion out there for those that need some lung bleeding to subdue any of their excess Friskiness. There are also some painfully awesome, and creative methods to assist in transforming this battety of movement into what will seem to a lot closer releated.

''The Longest Synapse Crossed: Skills in Development'' (02.14.2012)
In teams of 2 athletes (if possible and with time permitting) head outside and get ready next to a squat rack, barbell, 2 clips, and a stack of plates representing 1.5 times Bodyweight. The plates bar and clips are stacked according to a hybrid, assumed standard we've encountered at a few competitions (the Games has not established anything... yet).

Complete the following for time:

40 x Double-unders
50m x Axle Bar Portage (BWx.75-1.5Rnge)
70 x Double-unders
35m x Axle Bar Portage (BWx.75-1.5Rnge)
100 x Double-unders
20m x Axle Bar Portage (BWx.75-1.5Rnge)

Notes: Sandbags are great way to indoctrinate yourselves with the Inman idea. Once the clock starts the athlete loads and preps their bar as fast as possible. Once it is set-up they will immediately work through their Double-under workload (50-35-20 reps eac) before storming through each consecutive Portage. Have some fun with the challenge, this one is going to turn into something quite incredible to see everyone work towards a little down the line.

Burpee Challenge (Optional)
50 x Burpees

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (02.14.2012)
Swim, Bike Run, or Row (C2)
Swim: SC:12min, LC:15min, U:35min
Bike: SC/LC:60min, U:80min
Run: SC:20min, LC:30min, U:60min
C2: SC:12min, LC:20min, U:40min

Post distances to comments.


Justin said...

9:20/12:23/12:27 w/ mask

- Bieber

Khan said...

9:09/ 9:56/ 11:35
gas mask, muscle-ups, feet raised on two 45lbs bumper plates.

Alison said...

box HSPU/static dips

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to crush the skill development on Saturday!

Grinster said...

"Land-Fall" Modified (No rower or rings)

3 rounds of:

25x SDLHP w/ 20lb DBs
10x HSPU
50x SDLHP w/ 20lb DBs
20x Bar dips
25x SDLHP w/ 20lb DBs
30x CFGS Push-ups

10:40, 12:15, 14:05

*First time ever completing HSPU unassisted against a wall in Round 1. (10 unbroken) PALEO what!?@!


Michelle said...

Land-fall (red band for ring dips)
Times= 9:56,9:50,9:26

Joshua said...

40x regular dips
13:39/ 14:39/ 14:53

Dutch said...

Round 1
Row 250m/30 PU's/Row 500m/30x Bench Press 30# DB/Row 250m 9:20
Round 2
Row 250m/30 PU's/Row 500m/30x Bench Press 30# DB/Row 250M 9:20
Round 3
Row 250m/30 Abmat SU/Row 500m/30 Abmat SU/Row 250m 10:50
Mike V.

thammond18 said...

Land Fall...8:15/10:15/11:24
Muscle Ups/Mask/Incline Push Ups

Peter said...

Land Fall
8:33/10:45/9:40 (HSPU's with Box)

Waldo said...

8:52/13:10/11:55 gas mask.

Looking forward to taking the skills workout up a few notches on Saturday.

Traps said...

Incline Push ups


Mike M said...

Land Fall (Gas Mask/Muscle ups/2 45" bumpers)