''The Absolutely/Relative Back Squat Test & Puritanical Revelation'' (06.04.2012)

Warm-up Drills (06.04.2012)
4 Rounds for Quality of
:45 x Unbroken Speed Rope (singles or doubles are acceptable)
7 x Air Squats (wall squat therapy)
5-8:00 of Mobility work of choice including a minimum of
Sumo Squats
Shoulder Mobility x 2

Notes: Today's active topics for discussion/demonstration are meant to be instructive and informative so please ask questions! The following points are paramount before training begins.
*Back Squat Technique Review/Reinforcement and Practice (45lbs)
**Back Squat Spotting Instruction and Safety guidelines for assisting one another in training.

''The Absolutely/Relative Back Squat Test'' (06.04.2012)
Warm-up appropriately with 3 to 5 progressively heavier sets of Back Squats before choosing one of the following Strength/Power/Stamina based rep challenges below and attempting to establish a new rep record. Next week the 20 rep kamikazes will continue with a linear progression based on that particular rep challenge while everyone else will use our percentage calculators to work their 3,5,7, or 10 rep maxes into our first Wendler 5-5-5+ Back Squat session. 

Back Squat 1RM: 1-1-1-1-1
Back Squat 3RM: 3-3-3-3-3
Back Squat 5RM: 5-5-5-5-5
Back Squat 7RM: 7-7-7-7
Back Squat 10RM: 10-10-10
Back Squat 20RM: 20-...

Notes: Today's training allows for an expansive appraisal of various strength capacities spanning absolute one rep max efforts to all subsequent relative submaximal record setting efforts. Embrace the challenge you fear the most in order to see the greatest gains across your overall fitness. There will be a 15-20:00 time cap on this strength test today, dependent upon the requisite introduction/instruction of the Back Squat movement during warm-ups and overall class size. Please do your best to work with us here by working together during heavy/similarly loaded sets. We appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation while CFNH's new home continues to get a massive facelift! Yessss.
1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

''Puritanical Revelation'' (06.04.2012)
Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 15:00 of
5 x Muscle-ups
10 x Handstand Push-ups
15 x Knees-2-Elbows (strict)
20 x True Push-ups/Clapping Push-ups
25 x Ground-2-Overhead (45/25lb Bumpers)
30 x KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (24/16kg)

Notes: There is a scaled version of this WOD waiting on the whiteboard for those that have yet to establish all of these CF based skill sets/movements. Yes, it still hurts no matter how different it may seem.

Mobility WOD

Our Official CrossFit Endurance New Hampshire Team 
is ready to kamikaze itself at every event/sport our crew can set it's sights on.
There will be several listed on the whiteboard today for anyone to peruse! 
Please speak with Samy, Dan P. Hayden, Jen B., Morgan, Laura B. or Shanie about how to join our ranks for any of the upcoming weekend assaults over various mountains, through triathlons, ultras, adventure races, and any other daunting feat of physical and mental hardship that may strike fear into the hearts of the timid... 
Those interested aren't expected to arrive as a demigod, ninja endurance athletes, or even as a weekend recreational jogger. What we seek are those who have been among us consistently showing their committment to fully embracing any challenge, no matter the magnitude of pain or strife associated. 
No one will be held back from a chance to earn a place among this team of unconditionally supportive CFNH athletes who universally seem to display a consistently unparalleled quality and depth of character. Peer pressure sure is a b!tch and none of us are willing to let any of the others down in the slightest! Come
join us as we gather and train for the upcoming battle against intense incline and gravity! The time has come to slay, so let's take Cranmore by storm on the 24th as our first trial by fire!

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.04.2012)
''Sprint Repeats''
Swim: 5 x 50m/y ALL OUT SPRINTS. 3 minute recoveries.
Bike: 3 x 1k ALL OUT SPRINTS. 5 minute recoveries.
Run: 4 x 300m ALL OUT SPRINTS. 5 minute recoveries
C2: 4 x 375m ALL OUT SPRINTS. 5 minute recoveries. 

Post times to comments.


laura b said...

Some events to consider:
* Top of the Notch triathlon Aug 4 Cannon Mt. mountain bike-swim-run to the top of Cannon

*Adventure State Challenge 3hr & 12hr Sept 11-12 Pawtuckaway state park orienteering mountain bike-canoe-run

*Untamed New England June 2013 4 person coed team 2-4 day race all over NE approx 200miles orienteering,mountain bike,trail run, ropes,whitewater kayak....(this one's on my bucket list but I'm directionally challenged so need someone who can orienteer on my team)

Shanie said...

"Puritanical Revelation for n00bs"
Completed 2 rounds + 10 PU's in 15:00
5 x Stink Bugs
10 x Pull Ups
15 x Push Ups
20 x Abmat Sit Ups
25 x Ground-2-Overhead (25# Bumpers)
30 x KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (15#?)

We are going to kill it in Crossfit Endurance...or as Samy likes to say "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Anonymous said...

20RM Back Squat

Puritanical Revelation
1 + 50 reps


Alison said...

Relative Back Squat Test:
"Puritanical Reveltion"
scaled version
2 rounds

Nick said...

How do I become the West Coast Rep of this endurance team?

Here is what I have on the Agenda:

June 23rd: http://www.doubledipsea.com/

June 30th, 50 miler:

Sept. 7th: http://www.wasatch100.com/

Yes I still read this website and randomly leave comments. Hope all is well back home.

Michelle said...

Back Squat 170# 1rm

Puritanical Revelation

substituted muscle ups w/ pull-ups n dips

1rnd + 2 kb swings

Grinster said...

Everyone, I encourage you to tell your fellow athletes to comment regularly on the website posts. This is a great way for our community and family to become stronger and more united. It will be better when the new website is up and running so be patient!

This is an open forum environment and everyone should be comfortable posting scores, asking questions, putting up any comments for feedback.

Keep working hard freaks!

P.S. Samy still doesn't have a beard...weird!


Anonymous said...

"Puritanical Revelation"
Completed 3 rounds (MOD)
6 x Body Rows
9 x DB Bench Press (12#)
12 x Kettle bell Swings (15#)
15 x Abmat Sit Ups

Jamie said...

Back Squat = 10 rep max @ 135lbs

"Puritanical Revelation (Modified)“
Completed 2 rounds + 7 Pull ups
5 x Stink Bugs
10 x Pull Ups
15 x Push Ups
20 x Abmat Sit Ups
25 x Ground-2-Overhead (25lbs)
30 x KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull (20kg)

Jay said...

Back squat 205 x 10
Puritanical revelation
1 round + 9 HSPU's
45# OH & 106 KB SDHP


Peter said...

Back Squat 5 reps: 195 #

Puritanical Revelation:
Pullups/Ring Dips for MU's: HSPU's with box; 35# G-2-OH; 24kg KB
1 round + 4/10/15/20

Joshua said...

The Absolutely/Relative Back Squat Test
3RM: 255#

Puritanical Relevation
1 Round in 15:10

callie said...

back squat 265x1
other thing 1 round plus 10 hspu

Gene said...

Back squat 5RM
5 135
5 155
5 165
5 175
5 185 new 5rm!

Scaled puritanical
2 rounds + 5 stunk bugs + 7 pull ups

Anonymous said...

Back squat 105# x20

Scaled Puritanical
2 rds + 5/10/15


Matt said...

Back Squat: 225 x 20
Puritanical: 1 rnd + crappy MU and even worse HSPU

I pulled my back during the back squats, I blame Danny for making me do 20reps. It couldn't possibly have been my form that killed me.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...


I've been so damn busy lately that I am seriously slacking in posting my own training notes here... Here is my first attempt at redemption!
Oh, and read Chase's comments, they are right on.

Thanks to the PM crew for letting me sneak in for a little ass kicking in the trenches alongside them. That WOD was a blast. I chased Jay through and was utterly destroyed after; epic win either way haha. (absolutely did not catch him)

20RM 275lbs (05.19??)
I KNOW I can beat that number now. Great program to use for confidence under the bar. Especially if your spine is being a real jerk lately and dates the wheels of cars... which violently break up with it. Analogy or post-wod mental haze? Who cares I'm not pushing the backspace button. Squats felt solid. Getting better.

28 reps short of 2 complete rounds of the 'Puritanical Revelation'. After which I was immediately introduced to Rommel's Aunt, who probably has an interesting first impression of me since I could only speak in slurred vowels one breath at a time. Yessssss.