''The Black Lung IV & Team Challenges: Chaos Series'' (06.13.2012)

Warm-up Drills (06.13.2012)
7:00 of continuous movement through the indoor task-course.

''The Black Lung IV'' (06.13.2012)
Set the C2 Rower monitor to measure 'average wattage' and accumulate a total of 1200-2000 watts (determined by athlete's fitness level) in as few rounds as possible of:
Row (:20 on x :30 rest)

Notes: Attempt to produce as much power as possible (measured in watts) over the course of each :20 work interval. Add each round's 'average wattage' score to those from previous rounds until a cumulative 1200-2000 watts has been attained.

''Team Challenges: Chaos Series'' (06.13.2012)
Choose one of the options below if you seek an additional challenge:

I. 'Prowler Sled Drag Race'
In teams of 2 push a Prowler Sled with 4 bumper plates (assigned by team weight) 400m with as few stoppages as possible. Every 100m (corner of building) each teammate unloads half the bumpers and performs 5 x Burpee Ground-2-Overheads with the heaviest before reloading the sled and continuing on.
If racing another team head to head with the same load each team that makes it to a corner of the building has the option of either dropping one bumper of weight from their sled or adding an equal amount of weight to their adversary's. Uh oh.

II. 'Watts and Angry Gymnasts'
Against a 5:00 Running Clock and working in teams of two attempt to accumulate as many points possible with scores determined by total cumulative max wattages tallied from each rowing interval. Example: If the best wattage produced over 4 attempts by a team are 150, 350, 400, and 300 the final score would be 1200pts.
In the five minute window the teams may work through as many rotations of max wattage attempts as possible; 15 pulls is the cutoff for each attempt. Rowing is only permitted to commence if the other teammate is in a stable handstand hold/variation hold, which must not be compromised prior to the 15 pulls or high wattage number (if the wattage drops at any point before 15 pulls or the athlete comes down from the handstand the attempt is over and the score at the time of cessation stands for that rotation). 
Hint: Communication and timing are critical!

III. 'I'll Be Your Huckleberry'
Using 40/20lb Slamballs in teams of two complete 200m for time as follows: Athlete one does a burpee squat throw (much like a KB Swing) over their head and behind them in an attempt to cover as much distance with the Slamball as possible. Athlete 2 must sprint to the Slamball, perform 3 x Unbroken Slammies (Squat Clean Jumping Slamball) before repeating the overhead 'huck'. Athletes will alternate until the distance has been completed for total time. Yesssssss.

Notes: At the end of today the team with the best timed Prowler Drag Race, the Watts/Angry Gymnast Champion, and the fastest Huckleberry ninjas will each be given a prize of their choice: A CFNH shirt or having an entry fee waived/payed by the gym to any CFNH Endurance Team supported event (Spoiler Alert: This is clearly a booby trap).

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.13.2012)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
6 Rounds of (2:00 on x 1:00 rest)
Cover as much distance as possible during each 2 minute work interval.
Post distances to comments.


Shanie said...

'The Black Lung IV'
13 reps to get to 2500 watts

In regards to Samy's "Nightmare on Commercial Street" Team Challenge he dreamed up that morning - David and I got this: 23/131/49/32/36/43/20

Morgan said...

In case you missed my facebook post:

CFNH is entering reach the beach this fall! Its September 14-15th through the white mountains. If you have never done it before I highly suggest it, its a super fun weekend!

Post here if you are interested AN...D, more importantly, POST SUGGESTIONS FOR A TEAM NAME!!

Here is the description:

The Reach the Beach (RTB) Running Relay Race is one of the longest distance running relay races in the United States. The RTB Relay will take place in picturesque New Hampshire during the start of the New England foliage season. The relay will consist of (a maximum of ) 12 person teams that will rotate through 36 transition areas as they cover the approximate 200 mile distance of the race. This means that each relay team member will run 3 legs of varying lengths and difficulty and will cover an average total distance of ~16.6 miles. There will also be an Ultra Distance division that will have a team limit of 6 members. In this case, the average distance covered per Ultra Distance Team runner would be ~ 33 miles. The runners will rotate in a set order once the race begins and will be obligated to follow this rotation until the final runner Reaches the Beach!

Traps said...

The black lung IV
6 rounds

Team with Riggs
233 reps
45# bumber, 135# OH, 32 KG KB


Peter said...

The Black Lung IV:
9 reps to 3000 Watts

Team WOD with Jeremy:
35# Bumper: 24kg KB; 95/85# OH
Total Count - NFI