''What You Need & Flight Simulator'' (06.20.2012)

Warm-up Drills (06.20.2012)
Run 800m
3 Rounds for Quality of
7 x Medicine Ball Cleans
7 x Push-ups
-5:00 x Mobility

''What You Need'' (06.20.2012)
21-15-9 reps/kcal off
Row Kcal
Burpee Pick-ups (45/25lbs)

Notes: Anyone have this twice in 11:00?

''Flight Simulator'' (06.20.2012)
Complete the following pyramid of Double-unders for time against a 12:00 Running Clock:
5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45 ... 5

Notes: Complete each rung on the ladder unbroken before moving on.
All the way up and down is a complete evolution.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.20.2012)
''Ladders by Time''
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
1 min on x 1 min off,
1 min on x :50 sec off,
1 min on x :40 sec off,
1 min on x :30 sec off,
1 min on x :20 sec off,
1 min on x :10 sec off,
Then go back up the ladder finishing with
1 min on x :50 sec off,
1 min on x Done!

Post distances to comments.


Shanie said...

'What You Need'
Completed in 13:55
21-15-9 reps/kcal off
Row Kcal
Burpee Pick-ups @25#

'Flight Simulator'
Completed 180 singles

Joshua said...

What You Need
SDHP (95#)
Burpee Pick-Ups (45# DB's)


Mike Van Dalsum, Jr. said...

What You Need 17:30
Mike V.

Anonymous said...

What You Need - 11:48
Flight Simulator - 14:39


Peter said...

What You Need:
15:40 w/35#

Flight Simulator:
SU's - up to 140

Gene said...

What you need
21 15 9
Row kcal
Burpees ground to overhead 35#
Completed in 16:17

Flight simulator
Completed 20 singles in first minute, spent remaining time trying to achieve the 40 single mark.

Anonymous said...

Who's that pasty white mountain man!