Rest Day Thoughts and Theories

Originally today was supposed to be a crazy hopper style WOD I had planned (using an ammo can instead...we don't have the true popcorn roller that CrossFit used in the original "Games") but instead we ended up working on the Garage Gym's transformation into a facility that can epitomize the mantra of "forging elite fitness".

I will be posting pictures tomorrow but just so you can have some sweet dreams tonight here are a few new additions that will be evident: Bolted and reinforced thick pull-up bars that cover the width of the main support beam, two high power lights at intervals to add some bright interior lighting, reworked electrical set-up to run multiple heaters at the same time and maintain the satellite radio set-up. We also have a 4x8 foot dry erase board that will be installed tomorrow afternoon for the official WOD and Garage Training Leader Boards. There are some other nifty little fellers coming down the chute in the next few days as well...surprises are delicious.

Today we paid our affiliation fee today and tomorrow we will finish up with our insurance/liability policy and submit our final liscensee paperwork to CrossFit. Things are kicking ass right now and none of us will let up in the least...then again, neither are you guys with your training.

I want to throw out a quick welcome to Derek. He is my little hybrid brother who I have been brainwashing in CrossFit concepts for the last year and he is finally ready to take the plunge. He also adds a unique potential for new training to the groups around here because he is so involved in hiking and peak-bagging. I had a great time last summer doing the Franconia ridge line with him, and I can't wait to start helping him train for Adventure Races and other forms of expedition/exploration sports. The more facets and interests we have here the better we all will become, so if anyone likes this kind of stuff and wants to jump in let me know.

Our Favorite Kettlebell Training Instructor
Melissa Byers is going to be teaching Kettlebell basics class to 6 Savages on January 17th (12:00 noon) at the Nashua facility. We already have the class full but don't worry because she plans on being a regular nutcase around the CrossFit NH community (which is a perfect environment for her). Just to update people who might not be familiar with her name or blog I want to give a synopsis of her importance around here even though it won't do her efforts justice. Melissa has been a proponent of a "CrossFit in NH" since I met her and some other CrossFitters @ Greeley Park for a "Fight Gone Bad" WOD this past summer. It was my first CrossFit workout outside of isolation and showed me how bad ass and chill the CF Community is. Since our efforts in NH have materialized she has played an integral role in teaching me and helping with both website development and how to succeed by with blog operations. Melissa is also the psycho that came up with the Savage Society Logo at the top of the page that we love so much. Now that CFNH is almost completely set-up we are trying to work with her so she can have a place to train her Kettlebell minions and jump in with our WOD groups to ramp up some the intensity.
If you read the CrossFit journal or her blog you know that she recently wrote a great article for them so go check it out here (they made it a free download):
Since we will be putting more emphasis on Kettlebell skills (beyond the swing) for incorporation with MMA Fighter WODs you should all check out the link Melissa has on her page that covers the "Kettlebell for Grapplers" topic. The link to her post (with the original resource link) is listed below so you can add more tools to your training aresenal

Thanks, Melissa, can't wait to have you tune us up with some York Kettlebells (shameless plug for the KB company she works with--we will outfit through them when we have more money)

New Friends from the West Coast
I just got an e-mail from an affiliate out on the West Coast (located in California, those lucky bastards) letting me know that they were following what we were trying to do in this frozen tundra and congratulating us on our Affiliation Approval. They just opened up out there and since they are supporting us I thought we should do the same in every way possible. I responded to their e-mail asking if they were doing anything for the CrossFit Games (I volunteered to work and help out for the event in July, plus we might be cheering for some of our homegrown crazies if they win spots in the regional qualifier), so hopefully we get to hook up with them and train sometime. Naturally they can expect nothing an open invitation to train here and access to anything we have to offer if they visit. I've said it a ton but this community continues to amaze me...and to think I was formerly a CrossFit hermit.
Check out the links to their website above, it has a very clever format. I will be asking them how they set things up and if they minded if we model our CrossFit NH page after them. You will see how things are laid out if you follow the links to their site, but the idea that I was most impressed by was having a basic CrossFit page that covered the most critical info needed to begin training (plus necessary CF Journal Links), and then linked to a blogger site which seems to be their primary "interactive" interface for communication between them and their people. Google blogger is also free, and is a great way to house our growing community (I like how blogs help keep people in touch so when people travel they can still be a part of everything we are doing). These guys definitely used some cool ideas here and I can't wait to look deeper into how CrossFit San Elijo they formatted everything.

Upcoming Theory & Concept Topics
Lots of new development ideas for this rest day post. For the next time I will be presenting some stuff I found very interesting on how to use gas masks and other training tools to simulate training in high altitude and low air pressure environments. We will even go so far as to look at how why holding your breath underwater can prove beneficial to oxygen uptake in your lungs and increase red blood cell counts. This is some fascinating stuff, especially for any alpinists, climbers, hikers, and people interested in Adventure Races. How the hell are you supposed to train for your elevation and event when you live thousands of feet closer to the datum plane? More to come on this... See everyone tomorrow.

Todd: Here is the link you requested for fighter wrist strength development methods


Melissa Byers said...

I can't wait to meet your guys and sling some iron. I am proud to be a part of what you're building here, Samy, and excited to start jumping in on some garage WODs.

BamBam said...

Rats! As I was reading this I was informed that I may hve to travel for work on the 14th. If I'm not back in time for the 17th seminar by Melissa, just take Samy's time and divide by 2 and or his reps and multiply by two and thats probably what I would have got.

Stay Creepy everyone.


Melissa Byers said...

That is some SERIOUS smack talking.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

It's just been, he's more mouse than man for sure...and he's "yellow bellied" also (learned that insult from Back 2 The Future the other night.

BamBam said...

Nobody and I mean nobody cals me Yella! (also form back 2 the future)

Your gunna have to get in a time machine and bring a Samy that has been crossfiting for a few more years to compete with me.


Mike Molloy said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the new additions! Gonna be sweet.

Still looking to swing by on Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning. I'll email/call to let you know.

-Mike Molloy

chris toomey said...

Samy, the website gets better and better everyday man. keep up the good work. what i would do to be back. patience is a virtue...or that is what they say man. hey bro, keep posting these intriguing articles and thoughts on the rest days. they are legit kid. Melissa, you gotta through some steel in the new gym. nothing like doing a WOD completely out of your comfort zone.
BAM BAM...was that a shot at me...oh boy...let the games begin..this ones for you ben...stay savage.

BamBam said...

No Chris that wasn't a shot at you... But it should have been. Game On!

BamBam said...

Hey wow I don't like cross fit at all. It's the worst thing I've ever done........

when's the next workout Samy.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

I'll be down there on Sunday, Ben. The following Tuesday we will have another guest appearance for instruction (he is brainstorming about your demise right now)...and then the following Sat you can expect nothing but a badass training session that Melissa is going to be running. I want to keep bringing Coach David and the rest of the guys from the Garage Gym down so everyone can keep meeting each other. Eventually our WOD's will shake the very earth... and we can have CrossFit barbeques. Mmmm.