Invitation to our CrossFit Family! 01.25.2009 Sunday 4PM

Come Train With Us
Tomorrow is something that kind of fell together at just the right time, and more on the part of a couple guys around the state than anything else. Mike Molloy came down a couple weekends ago and tried out some training in the Frozen Garage Gym, and I have been trying to lure him back since. He has a workout he wanted to try down here and brought it to my attention during the week, of course I told him to get down here and kick it in the throat. I mentioned this to a few other guys and before I knew it there were quite a few people interested in participating.

I wanted to open the doors to anyone that wants to come on down and join in, we have a few barbells and bumper plates and some awesome freinds that are going to bring some more with them. Even if we run short the workout is in one of the "As many rounds as possible in 20:00" formats so it would be no problem to run a couple heats with groups of people that wanted to workout together as well.

The biggest positive here is the fact that you will all get to start meeting each other which greatly opens the opportunity to train with other people around the state. I am sure that most of us are coming from an isolated CrossFit training experience and are familiar with the frustrations involved in such hermit like existence. The freinds that you will innevitably find here on Sunday should give everyone a broader opportunity to get in training outside of simply dragging your asses down to Manchester.

Benefit number two is the possibility of running weekend training events with WOD's that everyone would be licking their chops to take on. This would surely help out with the fact that we have a lot of people that want to come train here but are facing the logistics of living too far for daily visits. I think it would be an absolute blast to have training congregations here, and once there is some nicer weather we can always drag our "soon to be finished" portable pull-up structure/power rack to a park with trail runs or a 400m track and throw the letters B, B,
& Q in there to really make an event out of some WOD's.

We have been doing some serious work on the garage and now that we have solid heat there is no holding back the opportunities available to any CrossFitter seeking serious advancements. Shoot me an email or post in comments if you think you are going to come by tomorrow so I can have water and other little pleasantries available to our guests. The starting time is 4pm but if you want to come sooner or later on then just let me know so we can accomodate that as well. Don't feel like you have to come train either, you are more than welcome to come meet us and the other CrossFitters if you would like to get a feel for the place also.

Contact Info & Details
sdaghir@gmail.com 603-759-6335 for questions
Address 349 Hanover St Manchester NH 03103
Parking in the street is free and there is plenty of room for everyone, the Garage is located behind the main building and we will either greet people as they arrive or at least leave a trail of protein powder that leads to the garage.

The Workout Planned
Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95 pound Thruster x 5 reps
95 pound Hang Powercleans x 7 reps
95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull x 10 reps


Kevin Daigle said...

awesome Samy! I'm gonna try to come up tomorrow although it might be just to watch, tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day for me. (if I can resist!) I'm going to CFNE for today for their "everyone is welcome" grand opening. That should be interesting. I'm pumped to get up to the garage though.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

I met the girl that is training for the games who was featured in the CF Journal from there, she was at the Lvl 2 cert I volunteered at in Boston. Have a great time man, I hope they have an awesome turnout. Can't wait to see you tomorrow too, already have 4 RSVP's and I just posted the damn thing!

Kevin Daigle said...

Ya dude, Heather Keenan....I've been exchanging emails bugging her about stuff for the last few weeks haha. She's an animal. I'm a little nervous about the large group as I've been in the sheltered 1-5 person world of CF up until now. I'm pumped about coming up tomorrow. FINALLY got 20 pullups.....might be time to fran it up soon.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

We could always have Fran as the madness next weekend. If there are a bunch of people coming to this then I'll have like 5 WODs picked out that everone can vote on the weekend up to the event and make it a surprise or something...maybe make an ammo can hopper, I dunno. I do know that this is fun and there are a lot of great freinds that I have made so far that I can't wait to introduce to each other.

Mike Molloy said...

I'm pretty psyched for tomorrow man... Gonna be a good good time!

I'll probably get there a bit early and get warmed up to go a little after 4.

chris toomey said...

samy...cant wait to see the pics after today. call me when you get the sign will you. i wanna know what you think. good luck. hey, you can put my contact info on their as well. talk to you soon.

BamBam said...

I'm kind of tired from holding the boulder up while you took that picture but I'll try to be there.

Sailorcrew said...

Good luck today, Sam. I'm headed to UNH for my daughter's track meet.