Smacking 2009 in the Mouth

Fight Gone Frozen
The workout we ran was modified from the CrossFit original Fight Gone Bad workout because we didn't have access to a rower. The workout was broken into two sessions to accommodate the volume of people and the space available, we can only hope to have to do this more and more as we go.
I used the Burgener Drills like usual and some other skill based movements with the wooden down and rings for the warm-up portion of training. As of today there is only one guy left that hasn't yet attained a muscle-up with the rings which is pretty cool (and he is close as hell). The actual wod we used is described below and followed by group and scoring breakdowns.

Fight Gone Frozen
Perform 3 x 5 minute rounds with a 1:00 recovery break between. Each round consists of 5 exercises with the athlete attempting a maximum repetition set of each in a 1:00 time limit. After each minute of a particular movement the athlete immediately rotates to the next movement. Total number of reps are calculated as points and added at completion of the workout for single tallied score. The five exercises we used are listed below:
Sumo Dead-Lift High-Pull (75lbs)
Box Jumps (24'')
Wall-Ball (25lbs)
Push-Press (75lbs)
(used for scoring similarity to calories on rower for points, as well as explosive pulling profile of the exercise compared to rowing)

The first session of the day was a brutal workout with some serious gains made my both Chris (Cpt. Toomey) and his badass wife, Lindsey. She was nice enough to comfort Chris and help pose for the picture above after the good Captain slaughtered himself in the true "austere" fashion that Crossfit NH has become synonymous with. married scores

Lindsey (2 rounds): 157 Points
Chris as RX'd: 281 Points

The original crew came by around 6 at night to rip things up in usual humorous and intense fashion. I invited "Gollum" to come join in (an old friend from UNH Rugby that is now a Lt. in the Army) because he did so well and had so much fun in a one on one workout he tried with me. "Gollum" more than earned his slot in the crew with his score and training intensity tonight, plus he helped out so much with the floor that I basically owe him my first born child down the road. Jefe, Enrique, and Hore-Hay were all pretty pumped to get things rolling in there now that we had a real floor. The energy from this workout was phenomenal and I was pumped to be able to accommodate the training space and gear these guys needed for the 4 of them to get a truly epic workout in; they never fail to break the standards they previously set.
Jefe: 235*

Enrique: 189
Hore-Hay: 199
Gollum: 217

Training Results for 1.02.2009's WOD
WOD Details from CrossFit.com: "With a continuously running clock do one 135 pound Clean and Jerk the first minute, two 135 pound Clean and Jerks the second minute, three 135 pound Clean and Jerks the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.
Use as many sets each minute as needed."
This was another workout where everyone came in thinking "doesn't look so bad", and then experienced a nice big metabolic kick in the junk. I constantly repeat how insane the intensity is in these wod sessions and it continues to build, in part based on the experience of these Crossfitter's in their ability to execute wods, but more because they have been making a consistent improvement in their technical proficiency of everything they do here. Simple things such as the Burgener Drills and daily reviews of the fundamental movements have provided everyone with a better "working neurological vocabulary" of the exercises that we consider technical skill based (all of them should be defined as such). The goal of honing in where you can best send your efforts between pure technique and ramped up intensity become more clearly defined with wods that are structured much like tonight's was.
Jefe: 6 +4 reps
Hore-Hay: 6 + 5 reps
Enrique: 7 +4 reps * (also completed first Muscle-Up tonight!!)


chris toomey said...

jefe...what the hell man. what happened?
who the hell is enrique...looking good kid! hey gents. keep the intesity up. crossfit NH: the savage society has a rep to with hold. nothing more motivating than four savages getting brollic in a garage.
is lindsay the first woman of Crossfit NH? hey gents...stay savage!!

chris toomey said...

second note..i will do the 135lb clean jerk workout here and post in the comments to spice up the competition. i will have wife savage wife lindsay be my witness