''Autumn Yellow Jacket'' (06.01.2012)

CrossFit New Hampshire will be closed for tomorrow's traditional Open Gym (Sat 06.02.2012) hours as our close friends Battle (Rachel) and Justin Strevig are hosting a Grand Opening WOD at their new box Battle CrossFit and we are showing our support in force.
Any and everyone who would like to come help break in some shiny new CF training gear and stink up the place with us are vehemently encouraged to join us in this adventure! 
We will be meeting at CFNH at 830am to convoy/carpool out to Epsom's brand new Battle CrossFit; feel free to contact Samy with any questions or concerns.

Image: Welcome back, John M! (Calm down, Ryan, I love you too)

Warm-up Drills (06.01.2012)
Run 800m
9 Fundamentals x 5 reps each (45lbs)
*Review and application of fundamental technique for the following movements:
KB Walking Goblet Lunges
KB Swings
1-arm DB Push Press

''Autumn Yellow Jacket'' (06.01.2012)
Complete the following for time/against a 20:00 cutoff
220m x Prowler Sled Push
5 Rounds of
20 x KB Goblet Walking Lunges
15 x KB Swings
12 x 1-arm DB Push Press (alt.reps)
Bonus Round if still under 20:00 cutoff (Thanks to Jen)...
220m x Prowler Sled Push

Notes: Today is a crazy, chaotic and extremely effective way to interpret our capacity for applying all of the foundational principals of functional movement to a tough and very different complex of movements. Amazing things happen for those willing to turn their brains on during these interesting training events. Get some, freaks!
(Additional Side Note...This WOD might also have been appropriately named; 'Samy. A bird just sh*t on my arm.'--Calmly stated midway through a KB Swing repetition, without stopping any part of the set or WOD. Epic Win.)

Skill Development (06.01.2012)
1. Survive the WOD. 
2. Remember to keep breathing. 
3. Go write down every little detail/nuance of movement you felt or thought about during the WOD that was different or became apparent for the first time today.
Bonus Trivia for a CFNH Shirt:  
Who can name, define, and explain any rationale supporting a specific series of neurotransmitter that is regarded as being responsible for an increased ability to learn and focus attention/mental acuity for a 20 minute (-ish) window of time immediately post WOD/exercise. Yes, this is why today's skill development is centered around thinking, interpreting, and recording information.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (06.01.2012)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
12 Rounds of
1 minute on x :30 rest

Post distances to comments.


Grinster said...

I know that some studies have shown that exercise increases brain function. Intense exercise improves cognitive functioning via improvement of hippocampus-dependent spatial learning. As well as enhancement of synaptic plasticity and neurogenesis and believed to be preventative measures for dementia. Whether this helps improve focus or learning 20 minutes after I don't know.

Maybe it could be endorphins as well?


Shanie said...

"Autumn Yellow Jacket"
@ 19:33 completed:
220m x Prowler Sled Push
5 Rounds of
20 x KB Goblet Walking Lunges
15 x KB Swings
12 x 1-arm DB Push Press (alt.reps)

I forgot my weight for the KB. I think it was around 90#. Yea..definitely somewhere around there.

Grinster said...

I discovered the answer and would like to pass on a hint for someone to win a shirt:

4 letters compromise the shorthand for this particular brain chemical, released after exercise. It's specific to this post training effect that allows activity on a deeper and more permanent level of memory.

Who's got the answer?

P.S. The weird words at the bottom made me spell Asshole to post this. (True story)


Shanie said...


Shanie said...

Since todays’ WOD was centered around thinking, interpreting, and recording information…these factors are the epitome of what BDNF is. BDNF or for those of you that don’t have Google – is a “brain-derived neurotropic factor” and it is a “secreted protein that acts on certain neurons of the central nervous system, helping to support the survival of existing neurons, and encourage the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.” When the brain is active during exercise, the “hippocampus, cortex, and basal forebrain – areas vital to learning, memory and higher thinking.” Our workout today (the KB lunges, swings and presses) had all the basics of our fundamentals, while we applied it to more complex movements, all while pushing thru the fatigue and allowing our BDNF proteins to take over completely crush it.

….I feel like Frank the Tank from Old School dominating the debate. I can’t wait to sport my new t-shirt!

Joshua said...

Autumn Yellow Jacket "Modified"
5 rounds for time
15x Goblet Walking Lunges (28kg)
12x KB Swings (28kg)
9x Push Press (95#)


Peter said...

Autumn Yellow Jacket:
Sled + 90#; 16kg Lunges; 24kg KB 40# DB's
4 rounds + 20/15 - 20:00

as to the trivia....
.....my brain hurts!

Gene said...

Autumn yellow jacket
Heavier do the 2 sleds
20kg KB
50# DB

Definitely 4 rounds under the time cap, but we continued beyond the cap as I completed my 5th in its entirety in approx 25mins.

Trivia wise it looks like Shanie above locked in the super science answer, but I know that Ive experienced the feeling of pushing beyond capability and finding that zone where even tho your tired and hurting, you know you can keep rocking thru it.

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