"The 9 Fundamental Circles of Hell"

"The 9 Fundamental Circles of Hell" (03.24.2009)
Today's WOD was a "Crucible of the CrossFit Fundamental Movements" that several of our Crew slugged through with rugged determination.  To be completely honest the time component almost didn't even matter and was only included to provide a familiar catalyst for effort in the athlete attempting the WOD.  This entire devilish workout was constructed around repetitions of the 9 fundamental movements, which at this point are being finely executed by a number of the Acolytes dedicated to their mastery.  What is holding these CrossFitters up? Small details in singles or couplets which break down a movement and keep it from the flawless execution necessary before we can let unbridled intensity emerge.  This WOD is designed to expose all of these little flaws and to correct them while under duress the only way we know how, through repetitive execution.  Over and over and over again ... 
"What?  Not dropping low enough on the Push-jerk?"
"You feel the SDHP's in your lower back?" 
"Fix your lean...Open your hips...Vertical bar path...Lumbar curve...Neutral head position...Do it again, do it again, again, again, better, again, again, again."  
This workout continues like this for 30:00 minutes or more (I would love to see someone break that time) until there is nothing left but victory and the devout sense of achievment that only comes from perserverence through hardship.  
Today several CrossFit New Hampshire Athletes, by now all Savage in nature, have ascended to a new level of elite fitness and graduated from our Fundamentals Academy. The intensity and sheer madness from yesterday still hadn't dissipated as I opened the garage this morning...brutality of the best kind.  Congratulations to everyone who went through that hell, looking forward to picking it up even more tomorrow. 
Don't worry we'll warm-up first with our PVC pipes and our beloved 9 favorite movements...

I couldn't figure out how in the world I would type this up for everyone to understand...the picture does the WOD more justice anyway because seeing this drawn on a whiteboard when walking into the Stable definitely elicited some surprised and agonized responses.

CrossFit NH WOD (03.24.2009)
Complete 3 rounds for time with reps of 15-12-9
Overhead Squats (35lbs)
Atomic Sit-ups
Shoulder Press
Deadlift (65lbs)
Jess 8:29* The drive to excel is there, the intensity is evident, aquiring the 9 fundamental movements (and the understanding of bio-mechanical efficiency associated) is the only weak link and we will be attacking it like our lives depend on it with Jess.  We all watched how hard she hit this WOD and we could only imagine the amazing scores she will reap once her technical proficiency attains the necessary level.

CrossFit NH WOD (03.24.2009)
Pick a load you can use for all three movements. 
Complete 5 rounds for time of
5 x Push Press
5 x Front Squat
5 x Deadlift
Joe 2:53*
Kent 4:38
This short little barbell metcon was great for both of these athletes as they need the experience of manipulating greater loads with the movements they have been drilling mercilessly with PVC dowels.  They have both performed the loaded deadlift already and it was time to add two new weighted fundamentals to their WOD, all three helping develop the confidence under the bar needed to fearlessly attack any WOD at any prescribed weight.  The times speak for themselves and both guys could have probably used some more weight, hell of an effort to be sure.  We will be watching closely to see what new level of intensity they bring on Thursday.

It's more than a warm-up... 
It's the crack of lightning and peal of thunder your mind needs to wake up and prepare itself for the armageddon your body is about to experience.  There is a CrossFit Journal Article linked at the top of the page that covers a dynamic method of warm-up, we are just taking things a little farther with this approach.  I know the majority of CrossFitters would instantly look at this and become afraid of a performance drop in their WODs, and I find that a contradictory approach for a crowd of people seeking the ability to excel through whatever hardship nature throws at them.  Think of this in a different light:  First and foremost an aggressive and in depth 15:00 warm-up would provide a performance BOOST if you took the time to catch your breath and water up before jumping into your primary training WOD.  Second, you are maintaining the ability to perform the vast and expansive list of CrossFit skills through a minimal but varied lineup of sets and repetitions.  Third, the warm-up in it's own right could be tailored to represent the developmental steps needed to add new skills to your arsenal of movements and abilities.  Fourth, and most important to me personally, this warm-up takes that initial sting out of the WOD as you will now find yourself already in the savage mental state necessary to surmount any CrossFit challenge.  
To try this for yourself take a look below and mix and match whatever you want, changing things up day in and day out to accurately attain, maintain, and excel in every type of skill CrossFit pedestalizes.  Now think about the ramifications you would notice in your capacity for performance if this entire warm-up could be easily acheived on a daily basis...food for thought, and something new to strive for.

The Regimen: Select different components and combine into your warm-up daily
1000 to 2000 meters (increase wattage from 120 to a minimum of 240 by completion)
800 to 1600 meters (Slow steady pace- 85% of best 5k/optional negative-split style run)
3-10 Reps each/4[:30 x :15r] for holds & support drills: 
L sit Pull Ups
Shins to bar
Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups
Glute Ham Developer Back Extensions
Handstand Push-ups & Holds 
Ring Dips & Support Holds
L-sits (Paralettes or rings)
10 Correctly executed reps of the 9 Fundamental Movements:
Air Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Push Press
Push Jerk
Medicine Ball Cleans
3-5 Rounds with 3 reps per movement of the Burgener Warm-Up Drill
Optional additions include the Snatch Balance Drills, Jerk/Squat Drills, Clean Sequence, etc.

Kevin O'malley embraces the life of a CrossFit Vagabond.
You all know Kevin by now, he lives with me on the weekends so he can hang out with us and help train in the Stable.  Last Sunday we finally got his website up and running (stupid Google...) so now he can showcase the talented young athletes that are CrossFitting with him down in Massachusetts.  The link to his site is below so make sure you guys check it out, Kevin is a CrossFit Vagabond just like we used to be before our family of athletes forged itself around a little garage with a dirt floor.

Just in case you missed it this is Mike Molloy and Jens CrossFit Dartmouth Blog. Mike is the freak that keeps showing up on weekends because he likes to annihilate himself inside the Stable, we provide the comfort of similar dispositions.
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APurple said...

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps.

Me 95/105/110/115/115
Chase 115/135/155/175/195

(please be advised, we did not have a rest day after "Karen" this was not fun.. rest days are important and we will NEVER miss another one!!!!)


JoeG said...

my rest day today was some KB class, notably jump rope, punching, and some free weights. good way to loosen up :)



Kevin said...

Hey its kevin O.
Did the Filthy Fifty today it was brutal and awful. Got under 27 mins, kind of disappointed but a pretty good score. Crossfit Endurance really killed me this morning did- 10 x 200m- 5x th recovery- Check out my page if u guys can- Also did a 500 m row for a time trial with gas mask on


Mike Molloy said...

Someone needs to chain Kevin to his bed for a day to rest... what would this guy's performance be like if ever fully recovered? Scary good, I tell you... scary good