"Lynne" & A Smattering of Deadlifting/Run WODs

CrossFit HQ WOD (03.22.2009)

Five rounds for max reps of
Body weight bench press
Post reps for both exercises in all rounds. In addition to this scoring rule we also stipulated that there would be a maximum of five minutes between each round for our athletes. This added rule helped level the playing field for the leaderboard contention.
Jefe 54/150 T204*
Mike Molloy 52/141 T193
Mike C. 51/187 T138
Frank (hope you enjoyed the Monarchs game you little lover of our state butterfly you...)
The training results were awesome, like usual, and I thought it was particularly motivating to see the guys either maintain their numbers as they moved from round to round, or increase them by their last sets.  That is no small feat in itself and stands out vividly as a serious achievement when you consider that all 10 sets (5 bench press and 5 pull-ups) were executed to muscular failure.  

More Running and Deadlifting WODs (for those that missed the party) (03.22.2009)
Version I: Complete the following for time
18 x Deadlift
Run 400m
15 x Deadlift
Run 400m
12 x Deadlift
Run 400m
9 x Deadlift
Run 400m
Mike L. 9:51
Kristie 10:59
Jill 8:47*
Katie 10:43

The results for all four athletes was astounding, the execution of a movement like the deadlift is hard enough to exhibit during a single lift let alone a combined 54 repetitions with intermittent sprints equaling a mile in total distance.  Great workload achievement, but I was much more pleased to see the consistent application of fundamental technique over the course of the deadlifting movements.  Repetition builds character.

Version II: Complete the following for time
15 x Deadlift
Run 200m
12 x Deadlift
Run 200m
9 x Deadlift
Run 200m
Ashley 8:22
Chase 5:08*

About time we get my sister and her sweetheart in here for some true CrossFit NH loving (they have been CrossFitting for about two weeks now but today was the first Fundamentals class for them as well as their first WOD in the Stable). Congratulations to both of you for killing that WOD, and welcome to the family! (Again)


JoeG said...

those were totally brutal to be watching.

and the weather! fantastical!


BamBam said...

Thats claerly a BamBam foul not a sock foul. If you check this verry old savage society post...


...you'll see that they are clearly trying to emulate me. But if you tryed to call them out every time that happend you wouln't have time for the regular post so lets drop it here.

BamBam said...

Next thing we know Jefe and Coach David are going to grow fat belly’s and still smoke everyone on the WODs just to make you guys jealous... another BamBam foul.

Kevin said...

Hey guys its Kevin from Mass.
You guys are great people and I am blessed to have met you all. My website is up and running and my training with the kids is going very fast and excellent. Check out my page and support me, since I am on my own now and left the likes of Crossfit South Shore.

Here is my new workout that I am doing and will be attacking "GRACE" in a month and hopefully Chris Browning her ass in a month:
Black Box Workout:
Power Cleans-

Weighted Dips-

I also did "Karen' about 5 minutes after the black box workout:
"Karen"- 150 wall ball shots with 20 lbs medicine ball

See you guys this weekend!! You al are sweet FIREBREATHERS!!! except for that SOCK FOUL KING!!! HAHA

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Quick notes for those that are going to be following Kevin's posts over the next month.

We altered his black box to represent three separate days with two movements per day while changing the rep/load volume to compensate in the weekly outline.

You will see as he goes what that is, the last month was spent introducing him to black box style training and developing a strong base of strength to help him advance his proficiency and end up killing previous met con abilities. This month is centric around the lower clean and jerk type of load manipulation while keeping staples such as the deadlift in there for continued emphasis. The culmination of this month of MEBB and DEBB work will be taking on "Grace". The third month will be Olympic Snatch centric and will finish with "Isabel" in the cross hairs.
Also this month Kevin will be doing tons of snatch balance drills, Burgener style warm-ups and various other sequences to develop the neurological capacity to advance into month three. Good job Kevin, keep crushing it dude.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

change "lower clean" to "power clean" my bad with the typo. Go smell an anus, bam bam

JoeG said...

use your anglo-saxon samy, it's just as clean as latin and far more healing! :)


Grinster said...

The workout was hell and after I recovered I felt great. I look forward to brutalizing my body every weekend in the garage with you guys. Thanks again Ross for getting me hooked on Crossfit. I will post my Karen time later tonight.

The Don said...

T-minus 37 days samuel, it will be mantastic

Mike Molloy said...

Samy, you gotta get some more posts up so I can procrastinate at work... ya know, instead of actually doing work