The CrossFit Crucible Continues...

Today was an awesome experience for us here in the Stable, we were packed in here like sardines from 3pm all the way until 8pm, and several athletes came by just to see what kind of madness some of their comrades were taking on. The intensity level around here is becoming insane, and the phrase "fevered pitch" really doesn't do any justice at all to the atmosphere in our garage.

The pictures usually do a much better job, but I can't help but try and share the feeling of 15+ CrossFitters counting every rep as one of our girls slugs through a WOD as vicious as the "9 Fundamental Circles of Hell"...thinking back on those moments makes the hair stand up on my neck (and that's a lot of Lebanese hair).
Before we get to the interesting stuff, like WODs and Scores, I want to thank Joe for bringing in his "cyborg/smarter-than-us camera" and taking all these amazing photos during the WODs, it meant a lot to everyone to have these moments frozen in time. Oh, and thanks to Katie as well for taking several terrible and blurry pictures ... understandable after the WOD she endured and we should at least give credit for the effort (I think).
We also want to officially welcome two new crazy CrossFitters from Vermont into our family. Albert and Jen drove all the way down here to learn the 9 Fundamental CrossFit Movements from us and we were honored to have them. This community has been so gracious and supportive to us that we always look forward to stuffing massive amounts of CrossFit skills and knowledge into whatever receptive brains we can find... there is no better way for us to say "thank you". Welcome to our family, can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks armed with your own pvc pipes and some new skills to showcase.

"9 Fundamental Circles of Hell" Final Scores
(see two posts back for description of this WOD)
Kristie 33:14
Jill 25:35*
Katie 35:55
Mike L. 39:45
Fogle 36:40

CrossFit Spint Repeats (03.26.2009)
Pick a distance and # of repeats 800x4/400x6/200x8 and try to hold within your deviation limit at max effort. Rest as needed (or until someone rudely yells 3-2-1 Go! while you are sucking wind...)
800m x 4
Mike (need scores)*
Frank (need scores)*
400m x 6 (:05 deviation limit)
Mike L. 1:28, 1:32, 1:32, 1:33, 1:40, 1:31*
200m x 8 (:05 deviation limit)
Kristie :48, :48, :50, :52, :50, :48, :47, :47
Kent :48, :50, :47, :50, :54, :50, :54, :50
Jess :44, :42, :43, :45, :47, :50, :49, :45
Ed :45, :42, :42, :44, :43, :45, :45, :43*

I always give our athletes the written accolades they deserve when they reach a new milestone in their training, and today there was a huge one I have to focus in on. Kent has been CrossFitting for a few weeks with us and always shows up at the Stable with his game face on ready to throw-down with whatever WOD is written on the whiteboard. I recall his first day where a 150m run could have fallen into the "complete suck-fest" category, and today I saw the same guy rip apart 8 rounds of 200m all out sprints with relative ease. His times were awesome and this just goes to show what happens when you pair the elite training CrossFit encompasses with the mental fortitude that comes hand in hand with any devout resolution to succeed. Excellent job, Kent (Brian), and likewise with the rest of our Savages.

Side Note: Kristie is forgiven for having to wear MC Hammer pants on her run because she stiff armed some poor bastard that was in her way during the 200m repeats... and rightly so, dumba$$ was in her way.


BamBam said...

I can remember a time when I was the only one posting to this site and no one would respond to my posts. Now a bunch of posters have come and still no one responds to my posts. It makes me proud ross.

I will be coming up to the garage to tackle the obesity problem that plagues our nation starting with myself. But mainly just to steel back my power drill and battery charger.

How long is your beard at this point Beelzebub? I've been putting rogain on my face to try and grow one, its coming along.

Nuri seems to be taking his conditioning seriously again even though a little samurai is growing in his wife's belly.

PS. Before I come up make sure you tell all the women I've been seeing on your posts that I married. I don't want to get anyones hopes up.

PSS. Is there like a semi schedule that you have been working that you could post so I (or others) could figure out when a good time to come up is. I want to make sure I don't come during some beginner class.

PSSS. I see "The Don has a pretty sweat profile pic. I got to step up my game.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

I think its ridiculous and amazing that you spelled "samurai" correctly and spelled "sweet" wrong (you used the words sweat, and don't pretend you meant it as a pun, we all know you just spell bad).

You can come up anytime you want dude, it's pretty much mayhem from 2pm-9pm with sporadic insanity in the early morning hours til noon. You better get here soon though, we just went and found some sicky space in the Manchester Mills that could potentially be our permanent home (which means you can't have your drill back either) and it's mandatory to com near death in the garage for all CrossFit wannabe's.
I didn't know Nuri knew how to procreate, but then again I didn't know you knew how to spell either. Nice try claiming the sock foul, but on you it's a "sock splendor"...totally different categories. I would like to plan a time with you guys to come down and train everyone with the nine fundamental movements and give you some WODs to do for conditioning. If we gather the fighters together and lay that base of technique and proficiency it would be very easy to start implementing some exciting new training down there. Look how crazy the soccer girls have gotten.

Give me a call sometime tomorrow so I can fill you in and tell you stories about skull fragments and their role in Olympic Lifting.

JoeG said...

sami has nightvision, so he also means that 3am is go time too :)



Mike Molloy said...

Samy, you are a posting machine these days... and I like it.

The Don said...

haha he is indeed. I too like it. I can keep track of the dark horses all the way up at the wick. feel free to post my work up at school.
The Don