WODs and Fundamentals (03.08.2009)

I. CrossFit HQ Rest Day Today
Rest is a word that often comes up a little bit too late in the lexicon of a CrossFitter and I often wonder why we are all so stubborn that we won't actually take a day off until someone else tells us to?  I am guilty of the same mentality which seems even crazier because I push the rest days on our guys as I see them get a little burnt out from the intense training, or a battery of all new skill developments.

I won't talk forever on this subject but I want to throw out a concept that I feel would serve everyone very well, especially considering where the current emphasis of interest is with competitive performance around here.  Chris and Kevin Omalley are only two of the goons trying to use a mental blender on the different programs CrossFit has established, and while this may do some amazing things as for them when it comes to developing weaknesses into proficiencies it should be noted that the rest after certain days of maximal work is where your adaptation occurs.
If you take nothing else away from this at least memorize the following few words: Schedule your Rest Days first and make sure you have at least two a week if you are going at a pace you feel is accelerated compared to your previous norm. 

Next you should focus on scheduling (one of each) the new training methods needed to bringing up whatever you felt was lacking, and if there are several things being attacked at once make sure you take a hard look at how you want to break down your week into detailed blocks to keep the interference between skill specific WODs to an absolute minimum.  Step three would be to grab some input that represents the last link in the armor (perhaps general physical preparedness) and find out if you can fit it in without overtaxing the hell out of yourself.  

This is not the priority component for the duration of this cycle and if WODs have to dissapear so your primary rotation remains intact then that is the way it should be, you can't have everything be a priority otherwise nothing would be one.

Not taking a rest day is like not pushing with your arms on a Thruster and horrifically failing at finishing the rep.  On that note lets spend our rest day in the garage doing the below CFNH WOD.

II. CrossFit New Hampshire WOD (03.08.2009) 
Wes was the initial catalyst for this WOD's reemergence out of the archives of posts here on our site, and as I recall it was well received (or painfully received depending on how you look at it) by some of our Savages out there.  I get to see all the e-mails and listen to the phone calls, but for some of the others in our isolated little garage fairyland it would be an amazing thing to witness the results and see the work coming from all the people out there that we wish would join us in here.  

"Viking Fran" returns for a reckoning...
Complete 3 Rounds for time of the following (use a dumbbell hooked between your ankles during the Pull-up portion, minimum 20lbs)
Row 250 m
15 x Thrusters (135lbs)
15 x Pull-ups (20lbs)
Row 500 m
12 x Thrusters (135lbs)
12 x Pull-ups (20lbs)
Row 750 m
9 x Thrusters (135lbs)
9 x Pull-ups (20lbs)

III. CrossFit Endurance (03.08.2009)
Tempo Training @ 95% Rate of Perceived Exertion or a pace that reflects 95% of your best time trial in relation to the below distances assigned to each event.
Swim 15 min
Bike 35 min
Run 35 min
C2 15 min

Today's Training Results & Other News
Let's think back to our good old dirt floor that we started on, and now focus on seeing that blue dingy blanket we tried to use in helping things stay clean... use your memory to try and get a glimpse of the ridiculous lights we used way back then as well.  Wondering why we are having a group creative thinking class?  That was the last time my grandfather saw the space we were working out of and the facial expressions he made at the time we less than endearing to say the least.  Today he actually decided to do one arm muscle ups as a tribute to my beard and the fellers I work with because of all the hard work we put into making this place more than an access point to some subterranean lair.  

From start to finish there were CrossFitters all over the place today, and in taking a short moment to observe just how many there were I came to the realization that we are now surrounded by them.  Our ranks are growing around here which means the community is growing, opportunity for us all is growing.  This is an exciting thought without even applying it contextually to what we are doing here.  Before I run way off into some tangent about cellular evolution I should definitely let you all know exactly what put me in such a good mood today.

V. First and foremost we welcomed back Michael and Kristie and helped them kick off their first official Fundamentals class with CrossFit NH. 

Jefe was here with me today while we spent the early afternoon watching Mike and Kristie execute repetition after repetition of the first 5 movements (Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Press &Push-Press) which became more and more entertaining because of the instant competition and animosity that began festering between the two new CrossFitters.
Literally 45:00 was spent with body weight and PVC pipes trying to really nail down the mechanics involved in moving the human body over a distance in the most efficient manner possible.  

By the time Kristie and Mike were ready to move past the repetitive skill work and get into a WOD there was a significant improvement in their overall technique.   This became evident to me as I watched them improve their posture as a result of walking and thinking about all vertical torso verbal queues we were giving them constantly.  Once the WOD got started everything worked itself out and the excessive reps translated into new habits and correctly executed movements despite the speed at which they were accumulating reps with, this is exactly what we want to see out of these two and it's motivating to watch the huge leap in progress occur so fast.
Congratulations to both Kristie and Mike, we will see you tomorrow to pick up where we left off today... Which ironically involves you both being near exhaustion and lying on the floor.

Fundamentals Training & WOD (03.07.2009)
5 Rounds for time with reps of 15-12-9-6-3 of
Front Squats
150m Run
Michael 8:46*
Kristie 10:54

VI. Welcome Back, Chalupa. High-five...  Now go slay yourself.
3 Rounds for time of 
750m/500m/250m x Row
20/40/60 x Wall-ball shots (20lbs)
Chalupa 17:13*

Poor Mr. Chalupa had to take a little time off because of a nagging previous injury that was re-irritated because of the snatch movements he performed a few weeks ago.  We clearly do not say active shoulder's enough, and even a minor injury is one too many, so expect the level of critical instruction to intensify over the next few months.
Chalupa basically called me non-stop over the last two weeks to half tell me, half ask me if it would be ok for him to come in and work out. No no no, he didn't care about resting up or getting better at all, I was wondering if we were going to have to actually tie the freak down until he healed.

That ended up not being necessary and once he got in here he went through some range of movement drills with no problem, did a single set of pull-ups (which also ended up being a new PR for him) and spent some time warming up on the rower. Zero pain means good news for Chalupa... or maybe bad news considering it only clears him to do that WOD now.  
Welcome back you freak! Hope you liked the shiny red Dynamax ball that was waiting for your return.

VII. Jefe's Brother Joins the Party
3 Rounds for time of 
250m/250m/250m x Row
15/12/9 x Thrusters (65lbs)
9/12/15 x Pull-ups (chin over bar)
Don PePe 13:23*
Jefe's little brother came down from Norwhich University in Vermont to visit his family and check out the garage that we always talk about.  Basically the kid is Ninja and he tore through that above WOD with very little previous experience. It was definitely a good time for him to show up as all the spin-off "Jackie" WODs were still floating around and this one really looked like something he would benefit from.  Going right for his weaknesses Mr. Don Pepe declared he wanted pull-up work and he most definitely got it, performing 36 overhand reps for the first time (underhand is terribly overrated).    
Nice job today, dude, you know how to get the WODs now when you are back at Norwich so just shoot Jefe or me an email if you have any questions about the training in general (conceptual) or if you want something scaled.

Oh, I almost forgot... 

Below are some sequence images to help Chalupa analyze the different parts of his medicine ball clean technique. Got a weak point on your Goatlist?  Get in here so we can hunt it down.


Patrick Haskell said...

Great post on the importance of rest. It's my mantra: we don't get stronger by training like crazy, we get stronger recovering from training like crazy.

Nice photo sequence, too. Pop those hips like prom night, Chalupa.

Sounds like things are really taking off up there. Congratulations.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Sorry, but I'm afraid we are missing one of our own and until he gets his pony tail out here it will be far less than victory.

You should at least come by and take a peek, there are some cool pictures of us training in Greeley last summer. How's everything out there? I have to figure out how to lure you to the science of exercise cert out in Texas. I already registered and it's actually pretty cheap but unfortunately I might be walking there. It's ok though: broad time and modal domains.

evs14 said...

why is it that the guy doing the medballs cleans isnt opening his hips.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

He's not a guy, hes a Chalupa: 99 cent menu 8th wonder of the world. The camera sequence of shots isn't fast enough to grab that image, he's developed an excellent habit of actually opening them pretty well. I will take some more of these tomorrow to capture the elusive hip extension.

chris toomey said...

Samy...i am speechless. the website. the training you are giving the athletes. awsome man. keep up the great work haus.

Patrick Haskell said...

Thanks, Samy. I had actually freed up my schedule to be able to work-out on the road every Tuesday night (my random metcon night), but ended up winning a big project that has turned that free time into an opportunity to travel to CT and work late every Tuesday night. On the bright side, I'm surrounded by three affiliates, so I've been getting some decent training in (when I'm not too busy recovering from too much work and not enough sleep).

It might be Spring (as opposed to mud season) by the time I do it, but I'll definitely get out there to see the place and expect I'll join the MMA team for a session or five, too.