"Shine your shoes, Sir?"

Tomorrow is going to be a blast (just like every other Sunday has been)...actually every day has been amazing around here.  Before you all go scrolling through the WODs and the scores to find your glorious victories I wanted to make a few notes about what's been going on around here to keep you all up to date and informed.  

Today was insane, just like usual and if you look over the scores for some of these WODs (which are completely brutal, and getting harder by the day) you will see some amazing performances spanning the ranks of veteran firebreathers right down to our crew of CFNH Acolytes dedicated to a devout mastery of the 9 fundamentals.

The atmosphere in this little garage mixed up with the personal drive each of the athletes here exudes makes for some serious gains and I couldn't have dreamed the adaptation curve would be so steep when we were just breaking ground. I just wanted to make note of how great it is to be surrounded daily by such a great family of nutcases and sociopaths, I'm looking forward to opening up the Stable tomorrow so all our Dark Horses can congregate for some insane training...we're chomping at the bit to see which PR's and WODs get crushed next.

We have some great news to pass along and I want to congratulate Melissa Byers for getting approved and opening her CrossFit Affiliate up in Tilton NH: CrossFit 603.  She is planning a field trip for her minions to come down sometime soon and visit us for so much metabolic slaughter that the streets of Manchester can expect to be littered with the fallen forms of CrossFitters.  I added the link to CrossFit 603 over to the right, just below the Byers Gets Diesel Link, check it out and throw her some props.  We are indepted to Melissa for all the help she has given us since this vision called CrossFit New Hampshire took shape, and repaying this great community is always something we take pride in doing as often as possible.  Congratulations Melissa, now "Byers can get others diesel".

The scores and WODs below are awesome, and the picture associated  should help tell each tale of strife.  I think it's about time to add a section to our site for us to start stockpiling all the CrossFit NH WODs we spit out for our athletes, the demand for them by email has started to increase exponentially.  I will see if I can't get something up soon so you can all peruse them easily when you need to throw yourself a curve ball or work on some fundamentals.  

Now go celebrate with your eyes and eat up the training results below.

CrossFit HQ WOD 03.21.2009
Complete the following for time
21 x Deadlift (225lbs)
800m Run
15 x Deadlift (225lbs)
800m Run
9 x Deadlift (225lbs)
800m Run
Mike 13:56*
Frank 15:48

CrossFit HQ WOD Version II 03.21.2009
15 x Deadlift (95lbs)
200m Run
12 x Deadlift (95lbs)
200m Run
9 x Deadlift (95lbs)
200m Run
Kent 6:29
Joe 5:19*

CrossFit NH WODs 03.21.2009
Complete the following for time, any rest or pause during a set counts as a termination of that set.  You are also attempting to complete this WOD in as few as 14 sets, which is as good as you can get in this aspect of scoring.
5 x Deadhang Pull-ups
7 x Kipping Pull-ups
5 x Ring Push-ups
7 x Push-ups
Jefe 5:28/14 sets*

"Lucky Sevens" 03.20.2009
Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15:00 of
7 x Thrusters (45/65/95lbs)
7 x Pull-ups 
7 x Ring Push-ups
7 x Box Jumps (24'')
Mike L. 6 Rounds, -4 box jumps
Kristie 7 Rounds +5 Thrusters
Jill 9 Rounds +7 Thrusters
Kevin 10 Rounds +7 Thrusters, 7 Pull-ups*

CrossFit HQ WOD for 03.19.2009
Ten rounds for time of:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up
For weighted pull-ups place a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set.
Mike 15:36*

This score is insane for anyone, and really shows how much improvement Mike has made in his fitness levels over the last month or so.  His potential has barely been realized and he's scoring elite times on WODs, enough said.

Bottom-2-Bottom Tabata Sucks...I mean Squats 03.19.2009
(:20x:10r) for 8 rounds of Air Squats. Use the Tabata Protocol with the rest periods spent at the bottom of the squat position in an isometric hold.  Keep your lowest rep count out of the 8 rounds as your score.
Katie 16 New PR*
Jess 10

Welcome to the Family, Jess! Now that you signed the banner and sipped our proverbial Kool-Aid there is no turning back, can't wait to see you tear it up on Monday...

CrossFit NH WOD for Jefe 03.19.2009
Three rounds for time with reps of 12-9-6 for
Med.Ball Tosses
Jefe 5:36*

Ascension Ladder 03.19.2009
With a running clock complete an additional rep each minute on the minute until you fail to finish all three movements in the prescribed time. Ex. 1-1-1 for the first minute, 2-2-2 on the second minute, 3-3-3 on the third minute, until you can not finish the next round. Use the movements listed below:
Air Squats
Kent 9 Rounds*
Joe 11 Rounds*

Conversation Of The Week:
Samy: "I can't wait to make some money and get a sleeve."
Mike: "Yeah, I can't wait to take your money away from you and start you a retirement fund."

Lesson here, kids, is never show your cards in the Poker game of life.


JoeG said...

such a cute ghettobell :)


Kevin Daigle said...

man you guys are killin it samy.....I NEED to get back up there but I just keep getting busier at this time of year. I wish I had someone to do murph with, I hit 40:03 today (not bad for a short fat kid and a PR by 7min) but if I was training with people I know I could hit the next gear and would have gone sub 40......damn.....AND you guys have hot women now....that does wonders for bringing in new clientele.....They look lethal.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Damnit Joe, ghettobells are not cute...they are deadly by nature and most likely socialists.

Kevin, great Murph time and I know what you mean. The atmosphere is always a big factor in how you can draw intensity into your training... gotta love the effects of adrenaline on training right? I know you are busy but I am in the Stable 24/7 and you are more than welcome to come join in the metabolic slaughter-fest anytime you want, bro.
I think our ladies are absolutely insane, you should see how they crush the WODs we throw at them, they are nasty at the fundamentals too which is the first true step to attaining elite fitness after consistency. I like that word lethal, I shall try and use it more often this week...perhaps as often as every 10 words or so. Lethal, talk to you soon, lethal, hope you can make it, lethal, in.

JoeG said...

socialist muscle recruitment! all party members must apply!



The Don said...

Damn I miss the stable alot but i still merked lynne yesterday real good. BTW, Mike is animal thats a shit hot time for the 3/19 wod, I miss getting my swell on with the jefmeister as well. I wish you good blogging samuel....

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

The Don,

Hey man we miss having you around just as much, give me a call or shoot me an email and let me know how you are doing. Don't hesitate to throw your scores up either, it's a great way to stay involved in the community of the Stable. Also keep emailing me if you want some creative way to scale a WOD you don't know how to approach, we'll hook you up with whatever we can bro, see you soon.