CFNH Closed May 7th and 8th ,,, ''Gone Pillaging''

CrossFit New Hampshire will be closed Saturday, May 7th.

There are several epic events unfolding over the course of the weekend and we can only wish those of our athletes participating good luck as they head out to test themselves against these unknown and unknowable new challenges.

Want in on the action? Keep up with what's happening on our facebook page as we'll be posting updates and pictures as often as possible.

Get some, beasts, and we'll see you all on Monday.


thammond18 said...

Tough Mudder 2011...a little over 4 hours

CFNH was well represented at this event, what a great time. Unfortunately, now I cannot move and write this post from my bathtub, seriously. I know I did better as a result of my last three months of training with you animals!

Thanks CFNH...


David said...

We made it back relatively intact. A little bit of blood and some bruised ribs were the extent of it.

Here are some photos: