''Running Rambunctious'' (05.06.2011)

Warm-up Drills (05.06.2011)
Row 3 Minutes
''Burgener Drill'' (3Rnds/PVC)
2 Rounds of
5 x Deadhang Pull-ups
7 x Push-ups
9 x Air Squats
-Shoulder Opening Drill (wall)
-Samson Stretch
-ITB Stretch
-Scorpion Stretch

''Running Rambunctious'' (05.06.2011)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of
Run 200m
7 x Hang Power Clean and Jerk (115/85lbs)
15 x Jumping Slamball (40/20lbs)

Notes: Jumping Slamballs need to be caught on their first bounce for the rep to count.

Post rounds/reps to comments.

Skill Development (05.06.2011)
3 Rounds at your own pace of
10 x Floor Wipers (45lbs)
15 x Back Extensions

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (05.06.2011)
''Time Trial''
Swim: 400m TT
Bike: 8 mile TT
Run: 1.5 mile TT
C2: 2k TT

Post times to comments.


Justin said...

Row 250m instead of run
3 rounds and 1 row

Colby said...

Running rambunctious: 115/40 for 3 rounds and a run

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

"Running Rambunctious"
15 Minute AMRAP
Run 200m
7 x Hang Power Clean & Jerk (115)
15 x Jumping Slamball (20#, Gonzales)

5 Rounds + 200m + 5 Hang Power C&J

Josh and I ran this one right outside the dorm around the campus, great fun to start off the end of the week. Gonzales is on his last legs, he began to split open this morning. And I don't think I could count how many people told me "Hey, there's a gym in the Rec Center," and were responded by a quick order "Fuck off," from yours truly. A few too many hung over kids from an undisciplined Cinco de Mayo. See you all soon.


Joshua said...

Running Rambunctious:
5 Rounds + 200m
(20# ball slams/Gonzales)

Anonymous said...

Bench 1RM 225
5/5 WOD 11:00
5/4 modified WOD (40# slamball for KB swings) 13:41


Anonymous said...

"Running Rambunctious"
50# hang clean&jerk
20# slamball
3 rounds+1 run

Khan said...

4 rounds + part of the run