Performance Test Metrics Make-up (05.21.2011)

Performance Test Metrics Make-up (05.21.2011)
Oh... The world didn't end?
Good thing we're open today from 9-11am for our athletes to come in and make up any Performance Test Metrics from the week they missed.
Get in here, turn your nutrition logs in for grading/rankings (don't forget to write your name on them) and rack up your weekly bonus point for arriving with a full mobility WOD to do on your own.
It's been an amazing first five days for this crazy nutrition project so far, we love the recipes kicking around, the enthusiasm, and the progress everyone is already seeing.

Keep killing it, Paleo freaks.


Anonymous said...

What a great end to the first week!
OHS 105lbs x 3
PR 10 lbs
Surgeon Generals Warning

Learned a ton of info this week from everyone!
Marcus and his recipes have made the first (hard) week much easier! Thanks!
Sam and Dan, your kind words are always much appreciated! Lookin' forward to another fun week!

Anonymous said...

Bedford 5Km (little hot & little hills)

Jeff ran with Ryan Bleakley 10yrs 24:53 (2nd age group 10-12) 8min/mi

I ran Alex 8yrs to a PR 28:46 (1st age group 9&under) 9:15min/mi

Laura B