Double-under, Sit-up Time Trial Ladder (08.18.2009)

Warm-up Drills (08.18.2009)
1000m Row
9 Fundamentals x 10 reps each
Use a 45lb barbell and a 20lb Medecine Ball for these sets.

Double-under, Sit-up Time Trial Ladder (08.18.2009)
Complete max reps possible for each of the following intervals:
Double-unders x 2:00
Sit-ups x 2:00
Double-unders x 1:30
Sit-ups x 1:30
Double-unders x 1:00
Sit-ups x 1:00
Double-unders x :30
Sit-ups x :30

Post numbers of sit-ups and double-unders to comments.

Skill Development (08.18.2009)
''Team Tire Flipping Death Match''

Teams of two CrossFitters will face off for a tractor tire ''flip-off''. This contest will consist of four rounds, each representing progressively smaller increments of time. These time intervals represent how long each team will be allowed to begin their flip of the tire.
Example: Round 1 gives each team a :60 interval to flip the tire once towards their opponents. When the flip is complete the opposite team then has sixty seconds to do the same.
The rounds will continue until one team fails to execute the tractor tire flip in time (the tire must be moving towards the opposing team before the round expires, both teammates must participate in each flip).
If the two teams battle through all four rounds to a stalemate there will be a Rhabdo Round with infinite :03 second intervals. This ''bonus level'' will continue until a team declares victory.

Round 1: Each Team has 4 x :60 intervals (8 flips total)
Round 2: Each Team has 4 x :45 intervals (8 flips total)
Round 3: Each Team has 4 x :30 intervals (8 flips total)
Round 4: Each Team has 4 x 15 intervals (8 flips total)
Rhabdo Round: Each Team has :03 intervals to flip the tire, continuing until one team fails and victory is declared.

Yes, there are other prizes for the victorious besides being exhausted... wait and see.
Post the details of your strife to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (08.18.2009)


Anonymous said...

Single unders w/abmat situps - 143.75


Anonymous said...

Total of 406 for double unders and 1/2 range GHD situps.


Anonymous said...

Double Unders with Sit-ups - 199 ~Staci
Double Unders with Sit-ups - 290 ~Dan

BamBam said...

Lets get a vote. Would you rather do crossfit in the 90 degree heat at the new gym OR At the garage in 5 below weather and snowing?

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

We don't vote here, things are run based on the Feudal system... just look around Manchester. See those homeless looking dudes? Vassals.

Anonymous said...

lol can i be your serf?

Kevin Jones

Anonymous said...

double unders and sit ups 260


Paul Kelly said...

Double Unders and Ab-mat Sit-ups:

A total of 236 despite breaking 2 jump ropes, and having to substitute jumping rope for jump-tucks.


jess said...

single unders and abmat sit-ups - with my taped up sweatshirt subbing as an abmat...i figured it used to work in the garage so why not use it now?

somewhere in the 230s when i added them all together...really not sure of the exact figures...i ran out of fingers to count on

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Feudal system to a futile exercise system


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the temperature in the Stable right now.

Double Under/Sit up-221 I think?


Anonymous said...

Joe F
double under/sit up-161/8rounds=20reps/round

Anonymous said...

Single Unders 400/4 = 100 plus 121 Abmat Situps for a total of 221.

Almost beat the men at the tire roll but we gave them a run for their money right KATIE and CHA CHA!


OD aka Original Deb

Anonymous said...

double unders + mat : 250
winner of tire flip vs girls :p

Kevin Jones

Anonymous said...

Double unders/Ab-mat situps

Total 321

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION OD has a birthday tomorrow. if my math is right she is 36!!! that adds up to 9 right OD? Happy Birthday OD.

no double unders for me
just singles


BIlly the Tuff

PS Katie said she smelled "Skank" hmmm

The Don said...

oh william you slay me

270 and an endurance work out

Bert said...

Billy, learn to birthdays. OD is going to be 27.

20090818 - Double-Unders & Situp TTL

253 with single unders and abmat.

Anonymous said...

Don Pepe, Billy the Tuff was wondering why The Don attended the am session. Nice work Haus

And Shut up Bert

The Don said...

bert how does one learn to birthdays? just curious

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

''OD'' is actually only a little over three months old.

When she began CrossFitting she was born again hard.

katie said...

katie: double unders and ab mat sit ups - total of 222
jefe' 391...with a hint of an ass blister!

i loved all the grunting today with the tire flips...billy, your grunt was the best! bert, you had the best prepubescent gruntet in between unsolicited swearing at joe.

Big Ben said...

single unders and ab mit sit ups - 251.25

little 2 v me tire stand off not sure the time but it was a decent showing

I do have to give Mike C a shout though for is soft gentle toss everytime. Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

Double unders with a crappy a$$ jump rope and ab mat sit up using a wet towel in the street- total 218. Im getting sick of improvising.
CFE- 6x400m 2min recovery- 1:20,1:15,1:16,1:16,1:15,1:15 Heidi

JoeG said...

SCORES: 114 & 42, 100 & 32, 74 & 15, 14 & 14

114+100+74+14=302 ; 302 / 4 = 75.5


75.5+103 = 178.5


stretching the hamstrings...

seems that my quads are devoping nicely, too nicely, and they're outperforming my hamstrings, and generally, my knees are feeling VERY tight. painful and annoying.

this is the best of the lot for no equipment stretches:

i was thinking i wanted one of those roller things, but as it turns out, they're mostly for foot/ankle/calf issues... http://www.amazon.com/Step-Stretch-Single-Leg/dp/B0002USV0E

there's the so called "green band": http://www.amazon.com/Stretch-Out-Strap-40-page-booklet/dp/B00065X222 but $20 for webbing (i've found it cheaper too)? okay, maybe it's for the instructions. i think i can figure those out ;) heck, there's probably a website with ... pictures ;) mmm. close, provides vast clue: http://www.stretch-ez.com/userfiles/file/V23%20PDF%27s/Stretch%20Out%20Strap.pdf

then i found this thing: http://www.idealstretch.com/read_more.php wacky! it's cheaper (clone?) at http://www.copelanddata.net/hamstretch/index.htm than amazon, and might even be cheaper elsewhere. would prefer to try it first. anyone have one of these bad toys or used one? mmm.

webbing is basically free :)



sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Don't worry too much Joe, we've been spending a lot of time developing the hamstrings (as well as the rest of the posterior chain) lately in aspects of the Warm-up Drills and the Skill Development parts of each training day. It's good to have you back, regardless of your skill with aiming huge tractor tires, you keep making appearances and those weaknesses you suspect exist in your CrossFit armour will get hammered out in no time.

Anonymous said...

Single unders/abmat situps

JoeG said...

i figure the GHD will help... but i have the immediate concern of stretching. just made a webbing thing. it'll do the trick.

aiming the tire. geez, that wasn't in the rules ;) call it, strategy. i was half blind in one eye, and barely holding on, but those other guys would not stop :)




211 said...

Double unders/ situps.

Mike 448
Jill (single unders) 295

Oh yeah, and I pounded stunt double Mike into a merciless submission with the tractor tire with my soft landings... Wait, was that me or my stunt double that won? Samy, can you clear this up. I'm confused.

I rather enjoyed Berts unsolicited swearing at Joe. At least it wasn't me with the suck attitude in the middle of a wod for a change!

Deb.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY lady!! You look WAY younger than 126. I cant believe it.
Shut up Bert
Shut up Bert

JoeG said...

so, i vaguely remember bert saying stuff... but i was rather more bent on my task... so i didn't catch nothing.

any good ones? :)



Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh well you guys are so right I could be any age - it is just a number :)
I think I do like the 3 months age though not that I am playing favorites!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Singles divided by 4 + Situps
318 Yahoo......

Loved the post workout tire flipping with Katie and OD you women ROCK!!!!!! Loved the grunt fest with the boys!