''Viking Frank'' (09.01.2009)

Warm-up Drills (09.01.2009)
500m Row
21-15-9 reps each of
PVC Thrusters
Jumping Pull-ups
Use loaded barbell Thrusters and Pull-ups to prepare yourself for the heavy movements in the WOD. Final set and rep schemes should be executed as if you were heading into a Max Effort WOD.

''Viking Frank'' (09.01.2009)
Complete 3 Rounds for time of:
Row x 250m
15 x Thrusters (155lbs)
15 x Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups (30lbs)
Row x 500 m
12 x Thrusters (155lbs)
12 x Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups (30lbs)
Row x 750 m
9 x Thrusters (155lbs)
9 x Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups (30lbs)

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Safety Note:
If you are following this site but do not train with us please take safety into account and scale as necessary.
The CrossFitters taking on this beast have been training for more than a year, some of which were competitive in the Northeast Regional Qualifiers for the CrossFit Games. This is by no means implying that ''Viking Frank'' is an insurmountable challenge, we just hope that all of our athletes near and far consider safety to be paramount. ''Viking Fran'' is listed below in case anyone feels like cutting their teeth on the original monster. Those days in the garage were amazing to behold.

''Viking Fran'' (09.01.2009)
Complete 3 Rounds for time of the following
Row 250 m
15 x Thrusters (135lbs)
15 x Pull-ups (20lbs)
Row 500 m
12 x Thrusters (135lbs)
12 x Pull-ups (20lbs)
Row 750 m
9 x Thrusters (135lbs)
9 x Pull-ups (20lbs)

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CrossFit Endurance WOD (09.01.2009)
Tempo 85% x 95%
Swim: 1000m/y total: at 85% for first 500m/y then pick it up to 95% on the last 500m/y
Bike: 20 miles total: at 85% for first 10 miles then pick it up to 95% on the last 10 miles
Run: 10k total: at 85% for first 5k then pick it up to 95% on the last 5k
C2: 3000m total: at 85% first 1500m recover 1min, then 95% for second 1500m

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Anonymous said...

Viking Frank...The Tank.



Anonymous said...

"Viking Frank"-15/12/9
thrusters(95lbs)& weighted pull ups(12lbs)

Anonymous said...

Viking Frank

Mike L: 23:58 Rxd (still hate rowing)

Kristie: 22:? (Samy, she doesn't remember)
w. 75lb thrusters
blue band pullups

It was good to be back.

Anonymous said...

21:28 I think

135 lb thrusters, 22lb pull ups


Bert said...

Viking Fran

Thrusters @ 95#
Pullups @ 15#


Oh wait, I was told to stop what I was doing before I could finish the first round... Katie and RaJ you were right, 4 days and I get the boot.

The good news is, our new Major is a fire breather, and wants to get a C2 and bumpers for the Det.

Anonymous said...

viking frank
75 lbs thrusters
Weighted PVest Jumping pull ups

Anonymous said...

Viking Frank
row 250/15 thrusters @75#/15 body weight p/u
row 500/12 thrusters/12 body weight p/u
row 750/9 thrusters/9 body weight p/u

Anonymous said...


115 lbs thrusters
30 lbs kipping pullups

19 minutes and some change.

And yes folks Billy the Tuff had an Official meltdown at the stable during the WOD. Those who witnessed this i appologize. It really is true that the diet plays huge in the workouts. today was a non diet day if you will, and that was, i would say 88.5% of the meltdown. the other percentage (you do the math) was me not letting my man out and not getting the form right. Oh well lesson learned.

Katie nice work on sticking with it at the beginning girl. you had all heart today! nice job.


Anonymous said...

Viking Frank (MOD)
Rd 1
25 SDHP @45#
15 Thrusters 105#
15 Pullups 30#
Rd 2
50 SDHP 45#
12 Thrusters 105#
12 Pullups 30#
Rd 3
75 SDHP 45#
9 Thrusters 105#
9 Pullups 30#


Anonymous said...

Viking Frank

95# thrusters 15, 12, 9
30# Weighted Pullups - 15, 12, 9
Rowing 250m, 500m, 750m

Time: 22ish I think....... I didn't look on the way out AGAIN. Uggh, lol.


211 said...

Viking Frank

155# thrusters
30# weighted pullups


I only wish I was there to see Billy melt down. I disagree entirely with the diet thing. Frank eats a whole bag of licorice and washes it down with a coke for his preworkout meal and still seems to do well.. That is... As long as you don't consider proper form as part of the workout.

Great work everyone

Mike C

Jill 85/65 thrusters. 30# jpu

Anonymous said...

27:31 95lb thrusters/ 30# JPU


Anonymous said...

Viking Frank


65lb thrusters
30lb weighted jumping pull-ups

Billy you had a meltdown and I missed it???

Dos Deb

Anonymous said...

Staci - 20:00 #75

Anonymous said...

115/30 Lbs