''Clothesline Team Event: The Triple Challenge'' (03.19.7010)

Details & Overview:
Inside this combined effort Team WOD (2 athletes per team) pairs of CrossFitters will encounter 3 unique task-based challenges. The standards (movement and otherwise) that we will be using to administer this training evolution can be found below in their respective ''challenge'' section.
If anyone reading our page feels that there are some additonal concerns that haven't adequately been adressed please feel free to contact us anytime and we will do whatever we can to help out.

A Simple Note About Scoring:
Team ranking will be based on a universally accepted, broadly inclusive, reliable determinant: Time.
The clock will officially start with a 3-2-1 Go! near Challenge #1, and will stop with our waiting staff/score keepers at Challenge #3.

Warm-up Drills (03.19.7010)
Row 500m,
Run 400m,
Speed Rope x 3:00
Additional practice to work on event specific movements and standards.
Volume to be determined by individual athletes.

Challenge #1:
Complete 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds of
Forward/Backward Jumps
Lateral Left/Lateral Right Jumps
Jump Over/Crawl Under
All jumps will be done over/under a rope suspended between the columns in our facility. In order to have reps count during jumping movements each CrossFitter's feet need to leave the ground and arrive back on the ground simultaneously. Both teammates must complete their assigned portion of Challenge #1 before continuing on.
(Example of how to proceed through the workout; Athlete Alpha completes 10 repetitions of the three movements described, 30 reps total. Once these repetitions in the first round are complete Athlete Bravo will do the same, continuing in a tag team fashion like this through the WOD's countdown-format.)

Challenge #2:
Complete 3 Rounds of
20 x Bumper Plate Over/Under Passes
20 x Bumper Plate Under/Over Passes
15 x Right Side Lateral Passes
15 x Left Side Lateral Passes
This challenge will require both athletes to focus on working as a small unit as every successful repetition shares it's range of motion with both athletes.
'Over/Unders' defined:
Teammates will be facing one another across a second Clothesline at mid-thigh level, this yellow rope represents the linear boundary each team must pass the 45lbs bumper over or under.
'Lateral Passes' defined:
These Bumper Plate movements are very similar to those described above ('Over/Unders').
Begin setting this movement up by standing shoulder to shoulderwith your partner, facing the same direction.
The 45lb Plate will be handed laterally from one athlete to the other, travelling up and over the rope. Athlete Bravo would return the 45lb Plate by passing it back, this time handing it under the low hanging clothesline. Over and back is a single repetition. Simple and ruthless.

Challenge #3
Complete for time
Run 800m with a 45lb Bumper Plate.
In this short but rough WOD both athletes must run together, working side by side. Each CrossFitter will be required to cover 400m of the distance prescribed while carrying the team's 45lb plate. As soon as the first lap is done the athletes will switch responsibilities and run through the finish together.
It is up to the individual teams to decide who will carry the weight on the first leg.
At no point is a 45lb plate allowed to touch the ground, or someone else's hands that are not taking care of it.
There is a steep and demanding penalty that will be administered if there is any stopping or a bumper plate touches the ground.

Post total score, ranking, and thoughts/experiences to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (03.19.7010)


Anonymous said...


29:27 1&3 Flying Solo


Andrew said...

Nate and Andrew

40:10 Rxd

Anonymous said...

Andrew you beat me to it, good job everyone; Muscle-up training!

Anonymous said...

"Triple Challenge"

43:14 as Rx'd with a slight twist...

Instead of the 45lb plate over under, and lateral medley, we subbed the following:
3 Rounds:
-10x Slosh Pipe Clean & Pass in Front Squat Position(Athlete A)
-10x Slosh Pipe Clean & Pass in Front Squat Position(Athlete B)
-10x 45lb Trunk Twist Passes standing against post(Right)
-10x 45lb Trunk Twist Passes standing against post(Left)

And instead of carrying the 45lb plate for the run, we carried the Slosh Pipe in a back squat position.

Awesome workout to end and intense week of training.

-Troy and Dang!

Anonymous said...

48:08 rx'd

Bert wearing armor.

-Bert and Indy

Walter said...

Nick and Walter

49:09 rx'd