''Heavy Push Press'' (03.08.2010)

Warm-up Drills (03.08.2010)
Run 400m
9 Fundamentals x 7 reps each (PVC)
Shoulder Opening Drill

''Heavy Push Press'' (03.08.2010)
Push Press 5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

''Transferring Strength'' (03.08.2010)
Complete 4 Rounds for time of
300m Row
5 x Anyway Ground-2-Overhead
10 x Burpees

Post times to comments.

Notes: Use 90-100% of your heaviest successful 5 rep attempt from the Heavy Push Press part of today's WOD.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (03.08.2010)
10 rounds of (:30 on x :30 rest)

Swim: Use pool or open water
Bike: Use a Monarch ERG, stationary bike with wattage tool or something similar that can hold a load of 200+ watts
Run: Use a treadmill, set at 12% grade at 0-30 sec slower pace per mile than best 5k pace.
C2: Damper Setting on 8-10.

Post distances to comments.


The Don said...

that T-shirt is gonna be oh-so-sexy.

Anonymous said...

Transferring Strength 13:28 (75 lbs) Felt good to be back.

Samy, I like the logo.


lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Bert likey.

Anonymous said...

Sammy! Weight utilized was 95/100/105. Used 95, time was 14:08. Larry

Anonymous said...

Heavy Push Press
Met.Con @ 155


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Troy's buddy that works for a company designing t-shirts for the military came up with that design. The whole concept has been Troy's brainchild since the original sketches, so we have him to thank when the shirts and hoodies finally come in.
I always love to see stuff like this from our members, like Jill and Walter's son's t-shirt designs... Our community here is second to none.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Jill had some designs and Walter's son had a design...

Anonymous said...

Heavy Push Press
185/205(Fail on 5)/205(Fail on 4)

"Transferring Strength"

13:49 @ 185#


Kristina said...

Heavy Push Press

Transferring Strength
15:05 @ 85lbs

Birthday WOD
Successful completion without hyperventilation

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Yeah, sadly no hyperventilation...

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Welcome back to your warrior clan, B-Rye.

Anonymous said...



13:52 at 155lbs

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Heavy Press 5-5-5 135/145/150

Ran out of lunch break time so I had to sub "Grace" for "Transferring strength".

Grace Rx'd 12:14 PR

I will be on my own most of the week (may need subs Samy)as Jack has hockey tryouts all week. I hope to make it in a couple of eves.

Anonymous said...

Heavy Push Press
Transferring Strength
15:42 @115

Awesome design, can't wait to wear it!


Anonymous said...

115/135/145 heavy press

met con
13:31 @145 lbs


65/75/85 "heavy" press

met con
12:01 push press @85lb


Anonymous said...

65/75/85 heavy press

met con
12:12 @ 75 lbs


Walter said...

Heavy Press

Transferring Strength
105# - 14:23

Anonymous said...

Heavy Press 95/105/125(2)

Transferring Strength
16:38 @ 95#


Butch said...

Heavy Press 115/135/155

Transferring Strength
135lbs 13:07

Anonymous said...

heavy press
155/175/185 failed at third rep

transferring strength
165lbs 19:27 (suckfest)

Nice work today OD.....wait we havent seen OD!! Where in the world is OD....our den mother!!! Get your ass back in the gym OD we miss you

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Mark: Sure, just let me know what you need subs for.

Billy: I just assaulted OD's email, she can't hide from us forever.

BamBam said...

Sign me up for a shirt

Andrew said...

95/115/135x2 Fail