''M.E. Clean 1-1-1-1-1 and K-Cup'' (02.17.2011)

Warm-up Drills (02.17.2011)
Run 800m
''Burgener Drill'' (3Rnds/PVC)
3 Rounds of
5 x Deadlifts (45lbs)
5 x Hang Cleans (45lbs)
5 x Front Squats (45lbs)
5 x Push Press (45lbs)
-Hip Mobility Complex
-Shoulder Dislocates (PVC)
-Scorpion Stretch

''M.E. Clean 1-1-1-1-1'' (02.17.2011)
Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Notes: Work up to a heavy/PR single rep Clean, progressing in load with increments representing no more than 10-15% of your most recent 1RM record. Rest a minimum of 1:00 between attempts. The Clean is received in the full squat position.
1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

''K-Cup'' (02.17.2011)
Complete the following for time
In as few sets as possible:
35 x L-sit Pull-ups
Five Rounds of:
7 x KB Swings (32/24kg)
12 x Push-ups
In as few sets as possible:
50 x Knees-2-Elbows

Notes: Complete the L-sit Pull-ups in as few sets as possible before storming through 5 Rounds of the KB Swing/Push-up Couplet. Finish with the final 50 rep set of Knees-2-Elbows in as few sets as possible.

Post times and # of sets to comments.

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (02.17.2011)
Swim: 3x(50m/y + 100m/y + 200m/y)
Bike: 3x( 1/2mile + 1 mile+ 2 mile)
Run: 3x( 200m + 400m+ 600m)
C2: 3x( 250m +500m+ 750m)

Notes: Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. EX. 200m run in 35 sec. rest 35 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, run 600m, rest 600m time, run 200m, etc.

Post times to comments.


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

Rob goes all beast mode during back squats.

Colby said...

Cleans: 145
K-cup: 18:33

Justin said...

K-cup. 18:36 70lb KB
195 clean

- Bieber

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Rob, nice work!

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

ME Clean

I'll take a 30# PR any day.

L-Sits: 10 Sets
K2Es: 4 Sets
Time: 15:49


Anonymous said...

M.E. Clean: 60#
K-Cup: 14:17

John M said...

M.E. Clean: 175

K-Cup: 16:47

Mint said...

M. E. Cleans: 175

K-Cup: 10:29

thammond18 said...

M.E. Cleans...155#


Anonymous said...

M.e. cleans 235pr and K-cup 14:17 Danny

Kyle Rochefort said...

Dang you guys are getting strong! Keep killin' it!

-Kyle/Dang/Pauly D

Kristina said...

M.E. Cleans


Khan said...

"M.E. Clean"

L-sit/ 24kg

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

225lb Clean


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

175 / 16:15