''Unbroken Overhead Squat Ascension Ladder and The Sisyphus Challenge'' (02.05.2011)

''To master Kung-Fu the training must be severe.''
--Louie Simmons

''Unbroken Overhead Squat Ascension Ladder'' (02.05.2011)
Against a running clock execute 1 x Overhead Squat on the first minute, 2 x Overhead Squats on the second minute, 3 x Overhead Squats on the third minute... continuing until the workload can no longer be accomplished within it's 1:00 window. Overhead Squat sets must be 'unbroken' to count (no dumping or re-racking between reps), however, multiple attempts may be made if time permits after a fail.

Notes: Use 55-65% of your most recent 1-Rep maximum.

Notes:1-Rep Maximum/Percentage Calculator

''The Sisyphus Challenge'' (02.05.2011)
Complete as many consecutive, unbroken wallball shots (20/14lbs) to a 10 foot target as possible. Warm-up sets and reps are allowed, but only one attempt for score will be allowed. Try not to knock yourself out...

Mobility WOD

Post loads/unbroken sets completed/total reps to comments.


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

''Unbroken Overhead Squat Ascension Ladder''
7 Rounds... barely. (135lbs)

''The Sisyphus Challenge''
52 x Wallball (20lbs)

Yup, just the right dose of white hot pain nice and early in the morning... lucky to be done in time to glimpse a sunrise silently killing that darkest part of the night. Yessssss.

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

"Unbroken Overhead Squat Ascension Ladder"
6 Rounds (115#)

"The Sisyphus Challenge"
40 x Wallball (Gonzales, 20#)

Arms felt like they had battery acid running inside them for the last 5 reps.


Anonymous said...

Unbroken OH Squat - 115# - 5 rounds
Sisyphus Challenge - 50 x 20#