''Perdition: The Deadlift Challenge'' (02.12.2011)

''What a shame it is for a man (woman) to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which [the] body is capable."
--Socrates 470-399bc

''Perdition: The Deadlift Challenge'' (02.12.2011)
Set up four barbells with progressively heavier loads, each one representing a gain of 30/20lbs upon it's predecessor.
Athletes will be given :30 seconds to lift each bar for it's prescribed number of repetitions (listed below). Once the heaviest load (Bar #4) has been successfully lifted the athlete will return to the start and begin climbing through the same series of weight/reps again. This repeating Deadlift ladder will continue until an athlete can no longer complete the workload within the time allotted.

Complete as many revolutions as possible of the following
:30 for 4 x Deadlift (255/185lbs)
:30 for 3 x Deadlift (285/205lbs)
:30 for 2 x Deadlift (315/225lbs)
:30 for 1 x Deadlift (345/245lbs)

Post sets/loads/reps completed to comments.


FoGLe said...

PERDITION: 10 rounds


Anonymous said...


Perdition: 5 rounds +3DL

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

OPT Test WOD with Dan and David

10 Rnds