"Austere Hero WOD: SQT" (07.27.2012)

Important Updates:
We will not be hosting any WODs in the park today due to impending thunderstorms.
While we often enjoy the mantra, 'If it aint rainin', we aint trainin'...' there is a safety factor we have to consider yielding to when lightning and other hazardous weather could potentially drop on our heads at any moment.
Today was also scheduled to be our last day in the park as we rapidly approach the final phase of our move in... here's an overview of where things stand right now:
Renovations are almost complete (final clean up and 'beautification' by the wonderfully diligent and relentless construction/renovation staff at 540 Commercial St is all that remains!) and the massive amount of new gear and materials to outfit our new home with has been arriving non stop for the last several days... and will continue to come in over the next week.
Today (Friday) and over the weekend all the gear from Livingston and our beloved Penske will be brought back to 540 Commercial St. Monday we can finally get in there to hang our flag, whiteboards, construct pull-up rigs, lay down stall matting, and commence the numerous other tasks we will be aggressively storming through as we pick up speed so we can have an orientation/opening day later in the week.
With the new opening we will launch our new website, which will detail the host of changes our business structure has received during its overhauling. The new website, with it's MindBody membership tracking software, etc. is going to be an unreal asset as we get back on our feet... I stopped counting the hours that have gone into learning, applying, and becoming familiar with all this new tech material but am more excited by the day to bring a new level of professionalism to our athletes and staff; what better way to free us up to focus on what truly matters than to streamline the boring stuff, right? Right. Carrying on.
We've had quite a bit of fun in the park and during the down time for our athletes next week we'll be continuing to challenge them with a series of old school CrossFit WODs that many of us may have encountered here and there during austere conditions in the field and overseas... Yes, that's all the hint you will get.
The training will be formatted to hopefully allow for broad participation, and of course any scaling/training questions I will do my best to handle as they come up. Don't get complacent yet, freaks, you all know how bad it's going to sting if your first day back in training at the new CFNH also signals an end to summer haze lethargy. Keep slaying the WODs, we'll be inviting everyone in as soon as we can this coming week! Thank you again to everyone that has been so incredibly supportive, the majority of our athletes have been outstanding and always come through for me when things are at their most stressful (One of my favorite humans today reminded me at exactly the right moment that 'Persistence is Omnipotent'.)
I can't express enough in words how much I appreciate this amazing community of people.
All this work is literally for you, the true core of our little gym, and you will not be disappointed.

*On a side note: Wednesday is a very personal day for a very personal hero WOD and I will post it for everyone to potentially meet up and join us for if possible (at 540 Commercial St).

"Austere Hero WOD: SQT" (07.27.2012)
Three rounds for time of
10 x Ground-To-Overhead (Odd Object 95/65lbs)
200 yard Shuttle sprint (50 yards there and back twice)

Notes: Who can get creative with this one? Find an object that sucks to get from ground to the overhead position any way possible... rocks, atlas stones, tires, bags of sand or gravel, homemade slosh pipes, anything goes. Do your best to make it challenging as hell, the weight is only a guideline. Incentive to haul a@$? The top times for this one with an actual 95lb barbell were under 3 minutes as posted on the mainsite... get some, freaks!

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.27.2012)
''Mack's :20 x :10''
Complete the prescribed distance in as few rounds as possible of (:20 on x :10) rest
Swim: 800m
Bike: 5mi
Run: 2mi
C2: 3km

Post times to comments.


Anne said...

Ohhh Samy!!!!! How I have missed your posts. See you soon FREAK

Anonymous said...

Marcus, Is that you?

Joshua said...

Austere Hero WOD: SQT
3 Rounds
13x Odd Object G-2-O (75# Log)
200 yard shuttle sprints


Peter said...

Austere Hero WOD: SQT
(Modified while still nursing pulled groin)
3 Rounds for Time:
10 G-2-OH 75#
200 SU's

Will be in Annapolis Monday & Tuesday of next week on a job, so see you all (hopefully) in the new box on Wednesday!!

nickfcfnh said...

Hero WOD - Modified

AMRAP 20min
10 G20

2-25pd sand-filled weights duct taped topgether
1 Lap around house (about 200)
-in the front yard with music ripping

10 Rounds

Nick F.

Magpie said...

Austere Hero WOD
3 rnds

Anonymous said...

Are we at the new location today?