''Stockholme Syndrome III'' (07.16.2012)


Information Updates:
This week things will hopefully begin to run a bit smoother for our athletes coming in to train during our hours at Livingston Park. Our POD has arrived (!!!) and we've gotten our permit from the City of Manchester/Park & Rec allowing us to position the POD, Box Truck, and Pull-up rig in a semi permanent fashion over near the baseball fields where we've been conducting the majority of our training.
This is a huge deal as it will remove 90% of the headaches we've been dealing with in regards to the logistics of maintaining class times with no change to our normal schedule. We are doing our best to help improve the communication from the top down this week so that everyone can have a general idea of what we have planned for the week.
Each Monday the first part of the Post will include a weekly outline with any potential schedule conflicts and the necessary contingencies being adressed ahead of time so everyone will know what to expect. This week the entire focus will be on smoothing out the training process during our little time as a rebel workout group while 540 Commercial Street completes the work they have to get finished before we assume command of our new home.
Things have been sporadic on our website; I understand everyone's frustrations with not being able to see a WOD posted every day but please try and take into consideration this is no simple task that we are working towards with a pretty steep learning curve as we go.
By Wednesday we will have updated waivers, contracts, auto pay, billing, and class rosters on hand that will complete the process of enabling our ability to fukky function as we were able to prior to the move.
Samy, Mike A., Maggie, Chase, and Bertholemeu will be working relentlessly this week fixing all loose ends so that the remainder of our time in the wonderful outdoors can be similar to the training structure and progression we were working towards prior to the move.
We appreciate everyone's constant support and flexibility lately and we're doing everything we can to make sure those issues so far are taken care of and training is free to run much smoother over the course of the week.
Once we get everything rocking and rolling this week we will turn our attention into establishing a single time for an open house/intro course training session where friends etc. can come sip the kool-aid if they wish... the interest in CFNH has exploded since all our freaks have been training in plain view, and not that we're full steam ahead we can't wait to have a blast with the time we're spending outdoors before the final glorious move into our new home.

Here is our tentative outline for the week:
Monday- Baseball Field Location, All Normal Hours
Tuesday- Baseball Field Location, All Normal Hours
Wednesday- No Training Due To Thunderstorms, Homework Bodyweight WOD Posted
Thursday- Baseball Field Location, All Normal Hours
Friday- Track Location with Pull-up Rig and Rowers
Saturday- Make-up Training for sessions missed on Weds due to weather. Times to be determined.
Sunday- No Training

Warm-up Drills (07.16.2012)
Speed Rope 2:00 (Cumulative)
''Burgener Drill'' (2Rnds/PVC)
2 Rounds for Quality of
20ft Bear Crawl
20ft Crab Walk
20ft Standing Broad Jumps (No Pause)
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Scorpion Stretch
*Coaching Points and Technique Review: Single-Under to Double-under Progressions & Thruster ROM/Technique

''Stockholme Syndrome III'' (07.16.2012)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of
200m Run
7 x Thrusters (115/75lbs)
Max Reps x Double-unders

Notes: Every time a set of Single/Double-unders reaches failure begin a new round with 200m of Running. 
Those looking for a twisted special today are invited to hit 6 Rounds, each individually for time with a rest of 1-2 minutes between efforts. 
Record time and max reps of double-unders per effort. Ouch. And by 'ouch' we mean Yessssss!

Post total rounds completed and lowest number of consecutive Double-unders to comments.

Skill Development (07.16.2012)
3 Rounds for Quality of
30-20-10 reps each of
Weighted Abmat Sit-ups
Goodmornings (45/25lbs)

Notes: Use a 45/25lb Bumper Plate or Barbell in the low bar back squat position for Goodmornings. 
See video below:
Goodmorning Video Demo
Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day (07.16.2012)


Anonymous said...

Stockholme Syndrome III
6 rds + run

Weighted abmats and goodmornings
Mike V.

Anonymous said...

5 rds + run

Weighted abmats and goodmornings


JJB said...

Stockholm Syndrome III
7 Rds 95#, DU - Max 45, Min 25


lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Back Squat 20RM
Warm-up Sets: 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x3, 225x2
Working Sets: 250x20

Notes: He'll never read this, but a big thanks to Coach Knight for letting me #occupy a squat rack for half an hour this morning. I think 250 felt the best so far of all the 20s I've done the past few weeks. Contributing factors could include warm-up sets that were heavier than previous attempts as well as maintaining proper amounts of sleep and nutrition intake.

I'll be at the park waiting for some of you freaks to do the workout with this afternoon.


Grinster said...

Nashua South Bert? We should try and get some of the football team doing workouts.

Alison said...

6 rounds + run @55#

Anonymous said...

Frank's WOD: For Time:

1,000 hops across parking lot

2 hrs 32 minutes


Colin said...

Stockholm Syndrome III
Cool, refreshing rain then:
6 rounds + 200m run + 7 x Thrusters

Anonymous said...

stockholme syndromeIII
7 rounds completed
sub 35lb bumper plate thrusters
double under high:78
double under low: 15


Joshua said...

Stockholme Syndrome III
5 Rounds

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

A big thank you to those from the 6pm that stuck around to help with the stall mats and the KBs. The above and beyond commitment we have in our community of athletes truly makes CFNH the great place it is.

Wish I had been able to thrash around with one of the classes this morning, as this WOD was quite fun. However time didn't permit such a recreation, so I suffered all by my lonesome in my driveway.

"Stockholme Syndrome III"
6 Rounds, each individually for time with a rest of 1-2 minutes between efforts:
Run 200m
7 x Thrusters @ 115
Max Reps x Double Unders

1- 1:59, 40
2- 1:51, 4 (10)
3- 1:55, 5 (30)
4- 2:25, 31
5- 2:38, 26
6- 2:22, 10 (30)

Parenthesis denote second attempts made during my recovery intervals. Seriously, 4 DUs?!


PS - No concertina wire at FOB CFNH, Samy...

Anonymous said...

5 Rounds + Run

Catherine said...

6 rounds completed. 25# dumbells for thrusters.
DU high- 19
DU low- 7