''Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge'' (07.06.2012)

**Our outdoor Monkey Rig/Pull-up structure has arrived; we will attempt to get everything set-up so we can use it starting monday! We're looking at a tentative 3 weeks in transition before being able to take residence in our new home, thank you to everyone for your continued patience.

Warm-up Drills (07.06.2012)
Run 800m
3 Rounds for Quality of
7 x Push-ups
7 x Bumper Plate Ground-2-Overhead
-Mobility x 5:00

''Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge'' (07.06.2012)
We're not telling... It would ruin the surprise muahaha.

Skill Development (07.06.2012)
8 Rounds of Tabata Protocol x Abmat Sit-ups

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.06.2012)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
5:00 x 2:00 Rest
5:00 x 2:00 Rest
1:00 x :30 Rest
1:00 x :30 Rest
1:00 x :30 Rest
1:00 x :30 Rest
1:00 x :30 Rest

Hold maximum distances possible on all work intervals.

Post distances to commments.


Catherine said...

Couldn't do the team challenge because 1) it wasn't posted and I can't make it to Livingston and 2) I don't have a teammate. :(

Did the endurance workout for rowing instead.

Row 5:00/Rest 2:00 - 1270m, 1272m
Row 1:00/Rest :30 - 260m, 245m, 260m, 260m, 270m.

Peter- This means I found the rowing machines at Notre Dame! Your tuition $ was well spent.

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge
305m in 20:00 @ 45 with Frank

Tabata Abmat Situps
15, 15, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14

Awesome work from everyone that came out to the park this morning. Normal hours are a go at the park today and next week, and I want to hear that a team went all the way at some point today,so get after it! Allison and Johannah have the distinction of getting the farthest with 310m. Way to earn your weekend!

Frank said...

Team Challenge
305m in 20:00 @ 45 with Bert

Tabata abmat situps

Peter said...

Nice Catherine. Conor was telling me there are some, though probably not in the "Rock".
Glad you could do a workout. Hope you are enjoying "The Bend".

Joshua said...

Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge "Solo"
Every 2:00 on the 2:00
15x Burpees
Starting with Overhead Walking Lunges (45#)
Made it 160 meters in 20:00

lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Power Snatch 2RM - 69kg
3x2 @ 90% of 2RM - 62kg

Complete as many reps as possible in 7:00 of OH Squat at the weight from the last set of power snatches.

28 OH Squat @ 62kg

Rest 3:00

In 7:00 find a 1RM weighted chin-up.



Peter said...

Mikhael & Berts Team Challange
Lynne & Peter w/25# plate

Skill Development:
Abmat: 13/13/11/11/10/10/9/9

Anonymous said...

Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge
220m in 20:00 @ 25#
Ken V.
Mike V.

Anonymous said...

Jojo and Allison

310m in 20:00 with 25#

Grinster said...

"Mikhael & Bert's Team Challenge"

Solo Version:

Walking OH Lunges (45#) then 15x Burpees starting every 3:00
Starting with 15 burpees.