''Deck Of Cards WOD'' (07.30.2012)

The CrossFit Football/Power Athlete Cert was UNREAL! 
Chase and I had an absolute blast and came away with an amazing depth of new knowledge and perspective... Thank you to all the coaches and athletes who's enthusiasm and dedication to perfection made this a truly spectacular event.

The Week's Outline:
We will pass on information about our plans for the course of facility prep later today as we get settled back in and finalize the details with the owner/renovation work crew. YESSSSSSSS!

''Deck Of Cards WOD'' (07.30.2012)
Assign your choice of 4 challenging CrossFit movements to each suit in a standard deck of cards. Pick one daunting task and one currently frustrating skill based task to each Joker card.
Start a clock and spend 4:00 Minutes on x 1:00 Rest working as hard as possible (with a premium on Quality) striving to get through as much of the deck as possible. Use no more than 6 total Rounds of Work/Rest intervals.

Notes: There is a very simple and very customizable Iphone App for this exact idea... It might not be free as far as we know, but worth a shot if you're stuck without any chronic gamblers or sidewalk magicians around to randomly supply decks of cards to elite fitness enthusiasts. Get some, Freaks!

Post details of today's training to comments.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (07.30.2012)
''4 x Intervals''
Swim: 4 x 200m holding fastest possible pace without slowing more then 5 sec per fastest 200m. 30 second recoveries.
Bike: 4 x 2k holding fastest possible pace without slowing more then 5 sec per fastest 2k. 90 second recoveries .
Run: 4 x 800m holding fastest possible pace without slowing more then 5 sec per fastest 800. 90 second recoveries.
C2: 4 x 1000m holding fastest possible pace without slowing more then 5 sec per fastest 1000m. 90 second recoveries.

Post times to comments.


lewis.robertdavid@gmail.com said...

Back Squat
Warm-up Sets
135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 225x3, 245x2
Working Set

Deck of Cards
In 6 rounds of 4:00w x 1:00r, get as far into the deck as possible...
Diamonds = Bench Press 135
Hearts = Deadhang Pull-ups
Clubs = Hang Power Cleans
Spades = Jump Squats
Jokers = Pistols (5 each leg)

Got 36 cards deep, averaging about 6 cards a round. Pulled both Jokers early on and lots of high cards.


Anonymous said...

Nowhere to do the WOD.

New Gym?


sdaghir@gmail.com said...

The world is your playground. Plan accordingly until at least Monday, please.

sdaghir@gmail.com said...

And if we could have everyone write your name after your comment it would make it a lot easier to communicate, thank you.

Gene said...

Dropped in at CF Earned this evening, and did their wod which kicked my ass pretty good.

Hand stand pushups
Did 4 sets of 5 stink bugs off a sideways rogue box.

Back squat 3 sets of 5 reps
95lb, 145lb, 165lb

Front squat 3 sets of 3 reps
65lb, 75lb, 85lb

3 rounds for time
30 kettle bell swings 16kg
20 dead lifts 155lbs
Run 100m
Time: 14:50
Reps: 150

Cash out
3x 1:00
Max reps k-2-e

45 total reps

Anonymous said...

Deck of Cards:
6 rounds 4 minutes on 1 off.

Hearts- air squats
Diamonds- Sit ups
Club- Burpees
Spades- Pull Ups

No real qeights or gym equipment to use. got through 44 cards, had 8 remaining. Hit a large run of burpees at the end that slowed me down.


Catherine said...

Deck o' cards: Uno cards were all I could find.
Red- situps
Green- burpee pullups
Blue- thrusters w/ 25 lb dumbbells
Yellow- box jumps
Wild/Draw 4- pushups

Did 4:00 of each exercise and rested 1:00- thrusters, box jumps, 2xburpee pullups, situps, pushups. Now that I look at other posts I think I did a variation of the WOD.