''Prowler 10m Repeats'' (08.20.2011)

CrossFit New Hampshire will be open Saturday from 9-11am for any of our athletes that wish to make-up missed training from the past week, work on improving competency across technique/skill sets/movements, or to indulge in some Prowler mayhem.

''Part II: Prowler Sled Push 10m Time Trial'' (08.20.2011)
Complete the following as fast as possible:
Prowler Sled Push x 15m (145/95lbs)
Rest 1:00

''Part II: Prowler Sled Push AMRAP'' (08.20.2011)
Take the 10m score from above and add +10% to it, this is now the established time standard athletes will be held to when completing any subsequent Sled Pushes.
Complete as many rounds as possible within the established time standard of:
Prowler Sled Push x 15m (145/95lbs)
Rest :30-:45 seconds

Notes: Once an athlete is no longer able to drive the Sled 10m within the time allotted the challenge is complete and the final score is set.
The weight of the Prowler Sled does not factor into the prescribed loads for the sprints. Example: 145lbs = 2 x 45lb Bumper Plates and 2 x 25lb Bumper Plates.

Post loads, times, and rounds completed to comments.


0 said...

60 minute amrap
5 x kb deadlifts @ 24kg
10 x pistols
15 x box jumps
20 x ghd situps
1 lap x walking lunges

9 rounds + 3 pistols


Anonymous said...

5 rounds
20 PU
10 burpees
10- 32" BJ

18: something