''Survival of the Fittest'' (08.27-28.2011)

CrossFit New Hampshire will NOT be hosting normal 9am-11am Open Gym hours this weekend as we are conducting a private training event (absolute mayhem) that will run from noon on Satuday until noon on Sunday.

Those attending the event please arrive at least 30 minutes prior, we'll be getting set up starting at 11am so the madness can kick off right at noon.

If you are bringing insane amounts of gear, food, or large pallets with IV's/morphine drips/neck braces feel free to come down a bit early and we'll help you get situated.

Email us if you've got any questions about the recommended items that might help ease the general physical hardship that awaits.

Everyone else try and stay safe during the storm, go out and save some of the people in your neighborhood if you have the chance, we'll see everyone Monday after Irene gets all lazy and dissipates... if we survive.


SRD said...

We will have a grill for those that want to bring meat and other dead animals to feast upon between events. We also have a huge new fridge (Thanks to Branch Davidian) and plenty of space to store whatever nutritional supplies you want to have along for this 24 hour hellish ride.

Derek said...

I got a jump on the 24 hour WOD and battled the crazies at the store to get water. Who the hell plans a hurricane on the weekend of the 24 hour workout?!

Joshua said...

The Butcher
4:09 @ 310#

Annie Gets Abusive

Anonymous said...

Had an absolute blast, wicked good time! Wish I could have stayed for the last WOD. Time for a shower and sleep.

Mike M

Dave Neeb said...

Looking for Marcus Doucet
Sorry buddy I was a moron and ended our friendship. Please contact me.
Canadian military crossfitter Dave (who actually is more French than you!)


Anonymous said...

No WOD on Monday? Man o man

SRD said...

Oh there was a WOD. You are just required to show up to do it until all the power is returned.

I smell fear.

Anonymous said...

We have power in south Carolina, no fear on my breath.