CrossFit Portsmouth & Vagabond CrossFit Get Some

CrossFit Portsmouth & ''The LumberJack 20''
Support our brethren at CrossFit Portsmouth as they host a special event aimed at raising money for Families of the Fort Hood Massacre.
Our CrossFit community has rallied globally under this compassionate and inspiring cause.
Details surrounding the event can be found by following the link below.

CrossFit Portsmouth & ''The Lumberjack 20 WOD''

Vagabond CrossFit's new facility opens it's doors on Saturday December 5th
Congratulations to Vagabond CrossFit and Kevin O'malley on the new facility, Get Some!

Rest Day (12.05.2009)

CrossFit Endurance WOD (12.05.2009)
''Tempo 90%''
Swim: SC: 400m , LC: 600m , U: 800m
Bike: SC: 10 mile , LC: 18 mile , U: 25 mile
Run: SC: 1.5 mile , LC: 5miles , U: 10miles
C2: SC: 2k , LC: 5k , U: 8k
Hold pace at 90% of your best time for the prescribed distance.

Post Distances to comments.


Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Samy,
Thanks for the Support and One of these days I am going to come up and get massacred up at the Stable.. I am looking at dates between dec 22nd and jan 4th, as I have school break between those days...

Thanks for everything and Keep Working Hard!!

Nick said...

Marathon Training

last week:
run 40:00 for distance - 4.8 miles

last weeks distance + 10% for time

4.8*1.1 = 5.28 miles
time: 43:50

felt like my quads were gonna rip apart after yesterday's WOD. Have a good weekend everybody.

Fogle said...

Hey Samy,

Im out of this hole in 7 weeks. I can't wait to see all the old faces and meet all the new ones. Things are looking good at CFNH. Im looking forward to coming back!

-FoGlE (The more handsome yaris)