"Elizabeth" (04.30.2009)

"Elizabeth" (04.30.2009)
21-15-9 reps for time of
Clean (135lbs)
Ring Dips

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Today brings us one of the 6 Classic Benchmark WODs CrossFit uses as a consistent baseline measure of capacity. You should all be familiar with at least a couple of the Named WODs by now, "Elizabeth" is one of the benchmarks because she combines two potent movements and a WOD format that are ideal for showing capacity across certain domains of fitness. If you take "Elizabeth" and add the five other benchmarks you have a well rounded method for measuring overall fitness progress.
Below are three links to demo videos from CrossFit HQ that show proper execution of the WOD as well as the individual movements.
Note: Please let me know if there are other resources or ideas anyone has in regards to how I can better prepare everyone for the daily WOD. This format is still new for us and the creative feedback is always encouraged.

Elizabeth Rx'd WOD Demo

Clean Demo by Coach B and Sage

CrossFit Ring Dip Demo


Mike Molloy said...

9:10 as Rx'd

Is it really only the first day of a cycle? Good lord...

SRD said...

Savor it, Mike, savor it.

Anonymous said...

Warm up:
1000m row
1000m run
15 reps of the magic 9 w/ PVC

Workout: for time
Clean - 95lbs


I had never done a barbell clean before tonight and once I "figured out" the form I thought it went pretty well. I am really liking how my warmups are continuing to get more intense and my recoveries are getting much shorter.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, I suppose I should have signed the above post

Kent AKA Brian AKA K$

JoeG said...

"Elizabeth" (04.30.2009)
21-15-9 reps for time of
o Clean (135lbs)
o Ring Dips

Warmup: 2000 meter row for 7:44


15-12-9 reps for time of:
o Clean (115 lbs)
o Box Dips


Observationally (that's a word?), I feel I probably could've done the reps as Rx'ed (21-15-9) but my form needs practice - it came together more so towards the end - drat!... next time! The dips. Damn, got to get on those rings! So close it hurts. Form is form though.


FoGLe said...

21-15-9 reps for time

Cleans *115*


*135 seemed heavy without the power of samy*

Anonymous said...

I do have to say I am devastated that nobody brought up my blatant sock foul, which I did for Fogle


SRD said...

K$: I was going to ask but since you wore huge winter wool socks I figured the trench foot you got to be punishment enough.

Fogle: Of course it's going to seem heavy if you look at it like a huge piece of brainless weight. Next time approach the bar like it's a prospective mate and finesse it up, works for me and my beard.

Nicholas Wright said...

9.58, done with 115lbs for 15-12-9. Can't wait to sign "as Rx'd" up here.
S'funny, I was just asking Samy about Coaches' presentation to the ASEP earlier, and there it is in the CFJ when I get home. EXCELLENT.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth as RXed

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth as Rx'd


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth (Scaled)
Clean 85#
Box dips



Jennifer said...



Squat clean 85#
jumping ring dips