''Hate and Discontent'' (04.14.2010)

Warm-up Drills (04.14.2010)
400m Run
2 Rounds of
12 x KB Swings (16kg)
12 x Push-ups
12 x Jumping Pull-ups

''Hate and Discontent'' (04.14.2010)
Complete 3 Rounds for time of
Row 500m
6 x Muscle-ups
9 x Deadlift (225/185lbs)
12 x Burpees

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''Temper Tantrum'' (04.14.2010)
Choose one of the following movements and complete the prescribed workload for time:

100 x Slamball (20lbs)
100 x Sledgehammer Tire Strikes (50 reps each side)

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CrossFit Endurance WOD (04.14.2010)
"Tempo 85-90%, RPE 16-18"

Swim: SC & LC:300m, U:800m
Bike: SC:10mile, LC:12mile, U: 18mile
Run: SC:5k, LC: 8k, U: 15k
C2: SC:3k, LC:5k, U:8k

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0 said...

Sub for Muscle Ups in case the management ixnays my rings?


Andrew said...

13:41 at 185lbs

100 x slamballs at 3:26 Rx'd

Anonymous said...

20:17 asst mu's/155lbs
3:37 100 slamballs


17:12 asst mu's/185lbs
5:52 100 slamballs


Anonymous said...

Hate and Discontent

Temper Tantrum


Anonymous said...

"Hate and Discontent"
16:33 Rx'd

"Temper Tantrum"
3:13 Rx'd


Anonymous said...

"Hate and Discontent"
24:32 with 225Lbs, 18 P/U + 18 R/D, assisted

"Temper Tantrum"
3:30 Rx'd

Anonymous said...

Darn it!! Did it again, Chris!

0 said...

"Hate and Discontent"

15:42 muscle ups somewhat assisted, otherwise Rx'd

"Temper Tantrum"
5:05 Rx'd

I snuck into the Varsity Athletic Center after Women's soccer was done working out this morning; God I love that place. Bumper plates and Oly Platforms up the wazoo, and nobody minds when you hang rings up. Its almost like a place for legitimate athletic development.

Temper Tantrum was the first WOD with my newly crafted medicine ball, "Gonzales", and it was a thrasher. Great work everyone.


Anonymous said...

Im full of hate and discontent how come i cant be there for this? but it looks like everyone is doing great i cant wait to come back.


Mtn Rob said...

24:25 black band, 155lbs, sub 18 pullups and 18 dips for muscle ups

6:23 temper tantrum (good at that)

PS I have Hate and Disconent for Burpees

Anonymous said...

not my race but if you're interested Youmaydie.com

I've run 2 of Andy's peak races in the past(got really lost) and one coming up on the same trails and mountains. lot's of fun.

Anonymous said...

Hate and Discontent, the name say's it all 25:16

Row, 18 ring dips, 18 pull ups, 185# and of course burpees.

"Temper Tantrum"
6:44 Rx'd


Walter said...

Hate and Discontent
12 X Modified Muscle-up
Deadlifts (185/155/155)

Temper Tantrum

Anonymous said...

225# Asst. MU

Temper 3:52


Anonymous said...

Well "MY SAMY" at least I think it was him pushed me hard. Hate and Discontent with 18 modified ring dips and 135lb Deadlifts I believe my time was around 30 min. Now the Temper Tantrum took me 8:00 minutes and I got through it thanks to Griggs, Callie and Walter. God it is nice to have buddies. I am still trying to figure out if the HANDSOME NEW GUY at the gym was Samy because he sure sounded like him................. OD

Anonymous said...

Hate & Discontent
modified muscle ups (box) 135# DL's