Winter Advisory (02.02.2011)

CrossFit New Hampshire will be closed today due to the weather, the training schedule will be bumped back one day to compensate.
Those with true grit will execute the extra credit WOD options below... stay safe and we'll see everyone tomorrow.

Option 1:
For time
100 x Burpees

Frisky Add-on:
After your 100 x Burpees make 50 x Agressive, hate filled Snow Demons (Angels).

Post times to comments.


Anonymous said...

Everyone stay safe and drive carefully M

Mtn Rob said...

Woke up, went to the local Planet Fitness under my brothers membership
and did 100 Burpees


lots of wierd looks... "whats that guy doing... looks hard... eeeewww hes sweating!"

SRD said...

Mtn Rob, you know when people start asking you if you're ok cause you look like your hurting yourself that you must be close to a personal record score.

0 said...