''Hoostie'' (05.16.2012)

Warm-up Drills (05.16.2012)
Speed Rope 3:00 (Cumulative)
2 Rounds for Quality:
5 x Burpees Jumping Pull-ups
7 x Medicine Ball Cleans
9 x Hollow Rocks
-Shoulder Mobility**
-ITB Stretch
-Inchworms/Cobra Stretch
-Calf/Soleus Stretch

''Hoostie'' (05.16.2012)
Complete 7 Rounds of the following, complete each round against a 2:00 Running Clock.
2 x Muscle-ups
3 x Handstand Push-ups
15 x Jump Squats (65/45lbs) 

Notes: 'It pays to be a winner' rules will be in effect for those who want the added competition (and forced on anyone ridiculous enough to request the 'twisted special'). Finish each round as quickly as possible in order to earn the most rest time before the next 2:00 hell storm begins. If you don't have other freaks to toil against with 'It pays to be a winner' then shift your focus and efforts on each round's individual time/score; truly test yourself by attempting to keep within :10-:15 seconds of your best performance.
Scaling options will be provided to give each athlete the best training challenge possible, a few examples would be: If a CrossFitter shows competency in all of the requisite movements but finds they are not quite ready for the 2:00 booby traps we'd simply assign a number of rounds for time (again, determined by the athlete's proficiency in movements and overall fitness level).
If a movement is not quite possible at this intensity/workload yet we will be changing the format slightly to ensure no one is left out in experiencing the uniquely ruthless conditioning aspect of this WOD: 
Muscle-ups will become 6 x Pull-ups + 6 x Ring Dips, 
Handstand Push-ups will become Push Presses, 
Jump Squats are universally enjoyable.
For those who wish to work on developing the Muscle-up and Handstand Push-up skill sets we will do our best to leave a little leeway on either end of the workout to review technique and skill set application.
Bring the lumber.

Skill Development (05.16.2012)
Team Mobility WOD/Skill Set Review & Practice

Mobility WOD

CrossFit Endurance WOD (05.16.2012)
''Tempo 85-95%''
Swim: 1000m/y total: at 85% for first 500m/y then pick it up to 95% on the last 500m/y
Bike: 20 miles total: at 85% for first 10mi then pick it up to 95% on the last 10 miles
Run: 10k total: at 85% for first 5k then pick it up to 95% on the last 5k
C2: 3000m total: at 85% for first 1500m recover 1min, then 95% for second 1500m

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Mtn Rob said...

15:00 5rnds bands and 45lbs

Peter said...

Pullups/Ring Dips/40# DB's/65# JBS
5 Rounds : 16:00

Jay said...

Pullup/ringdip/hspu/95# jump squat

7 rounds


Gene said...

Pull-ups - scaled blue band
Dips - scaled static
40# DB's

5 rounds

callie said...

5 rounds 15 minutes

Joshua said...

7 Rounds